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Dance List David Wasson, Albany Class, 1/10/21 28848

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David Wasson
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Jan. 19, 2021, 5:39 a.m.

Dance # 6

Auld Lang Syne 8x40 J or R for 3c in a 4c Set Devised by Holly V. Sherman (Happy Holidays)

1-8 1c Taking NH dance down the middle (2 bars) 1c 1/2 Turn RH while 2c step up (2 bars)
1c Taking NH dance up to 2nd place (2 bars) 1c Turn LH to end on 1st corner diagonal, still holding LH with partner and taking RH with 1st corners (2 bars)

9-16 1c dance the *Spoke 1c Set RF to 1st corner, move LF to face 2nd corner (2 bars) 1c Set RF to 2nd corner, move LF to face 3rd corner (2 bars) 1c Set RF to 3rd corner, move LF to face 4th corner (2 bars) 1c Set RF to 4th corner, move LF to end 1L between 2c facing down and 1M between 3c facing up (2 bars)

17-24 All 3 couples take hands and circle left 1/2 way round making the circle as large as possible still holding hands (4 bars) All 3 couples still holding hands in circle, advance into middle (2 bars) All 3 couples retire (2 bars)

25-32 All 3 couples cross RH over LH as they Set advancing into middle (2 bars) All drop LH and raise RH as they Pas de Basque turning right under raised RH (2 bars) All 3 couples still in middle facing out, dance out to sides and dance a track figure clockwise 1/2 way round set to end 2c at top with 1L in middle still facing clockwise, 3c at bottom with 1M in middle still facing clockwise (4 bars)

33-40 1c dance a 1/2 figure of 8 (1L give RS to 2L, 1M give RS to 3M) to end own sides 2nd place (4 bars) 1c dance RH Across, 1L up with 2c, 1M down with 3c (4 bars)

*The spoke represents 1c acknowledging auld acquaintances, not to be forgotten. When singing Auld Lang Syne, it is traditional to take hands in a circle and dance into the center and back out. Then crossing hands, dance into the center again, and at some point, unwind crossed hands for a hip, hip hooray! Although I am sure Robert Burns meant something stronger than tea when he wrote “Take a cup of kindness,” never the less, the dance ends with “Tea Pots.