Dance List Dance-Together-Apart Spring Fling 29011

March 22, 2021
Rebecca Winnie
Last modified
Feb. 24, 2021, 11:46 p.m.

Dances will be reviewed March 8 and March 15 (5 dances each) at the Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers Dance-Together-Apart classes on Facebook Live.

Leaves in the Wind 48J (for 1 or two dancers) by Tiffany Howard:

1-8 Advance (skip change) retire back 2 pas de basques moving diagonally back to the right and then to the left. Repeat

9-16 Set, step to the right (Step Right foot, cross Left foot in front, step again with Right and point Left to 2nd Position), Set starting on Left foot, step to the left, finishing pointing Right foot to 4th position, as you turn to face diagonally forward to the right.

17-24 “Making a Diamond”: Dance forward (2 skip change) on the diagonal and dance 2 pas de basques turning to face into the center and slightly to the right (you are on the first point of the diamond), dance forward diagonally to your right and turn using 2 pas de basques.

25-32 Repeat bars 17-24 to complete the diamond shape back to where you began the dance

33-40 Repeat bars 9-16

41-48 Advance and Retire on the diagonal to your right (all skip change); slip step to your Right 4 steps (2 bars) closing into 1st position to again use the Right foot to set [Right foot, then Left foot moving to the left to return to a centered position where you started the dance].