Publication Dances Online [San Francisco] 1370

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Published by
San Francisco Branch RSCDS
13 December 2019
Online Sources

This is a page on the SF branch website where dances are published that have been locally devised. At the moment of writing they are arranged in order of submission to the page; on the web page they are not numbered. Some have been published elsewhere, some not.

The Branch will be adding more dances. I propose that we editors use the "publication date" above to indicate the last day of updating this entry.

Links to the dances can be found from the main web page; there are also links directly to each individual dance.

The "Anniversary Suite" has three dances, the fourth entry is a set of teaching notes for these three. Jennifer Kelly writes:
"Notes for teachers on the dances in the Anniversary Suite. As I devised these dances I had a particular teaching point in mind for each of them.".

These teaching notes can be found at