Publication Dance(s) Collected by Mary Isdale MacNab 59

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Short name
Mary Isdale MacNab
Published by
Mary Isdale MacNab

This "publication" is a virtual entry to link in one place all the dances known or thought to have been collected (or just taught) by Mary Isdale MacNab and which have been catalogued on the London Branch archives at

The London Branch list assigns a catalogue number to each dance in a few groups according to where they were published (or not) and the state of information about them.
S01-S29: The nine sets of dances published by the RSCDS. Here numbered 1-29
L01-L11: Eleven other dances published privately or by the RSCDS (here 31-41)
F01-F12: Taught by Mrs MacNab at festivals but not collected by her (51-62)

Note that not all the dances in the L and F series yet have entries in the database. The London Branch catalogue continues with other progressively more speculative sets with even fewer database entries.