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Publication Book 39 761

When the new Book 39 was sold at Summer School in 1996, this sheet with additions and corrections for each of the nine dances was included. These notes have also been added as “Extra Info” to each of the dances.

R.S.C.D.S. BOOK 39 NOTES ON DANCES Bob Grant June 1996

Swiss Lassie 9-16 2nd man & 1st woman need to be beginning to dance out at end of reel 17-20 2nd woman and 1st man should dance to end of reel before following partners

Joie de Vivre 9-12 … and return to places with men facing up and women facing down

The New Virginia Reel Fig 1 17-32 Slip in a curve so that start and finish are centred Fig 3 1-8 Dancing couples need to ‘cheat’ here and meet to start going round the side couples

Cape Town Wedding 9-16 Reel across is between 1st and 2nd positions 21-24 Use first setting step to advance into the circle. Pull right shoulders back quickly and tightly

The Immigrant Lass 5-8 Right hands across need to be ‘driven’ round 9-16 1/2 rights and lefts have polite turns at end 31-32 1st couple don’t ‘cast’ up into 4th place although it feels more natural and I’m sure will be done

Le Moulin Rouge 1-8 Men must come out of the 4 hands round quickly to get round partners in time 17-24 At the end men are back to back in the middle 53-56 Women keep turning so that they actually face anticlockwise

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh 1-8 1st woman ‘hovers’ while 1st man faces the top before casting 9-16 Nearer hands 25-32 Second time through, 1st couple crosses to the bottom giving left hands

The Robertson Rant 17-24 Men finish the reel by curving left about, acknowledging partner, before facing corner (Men speed up, women slow down)

Prince Charles of Edinburgh Fig 1 17-24 1st and 3rd men face out Fig 2 15-16 Use setting to turn ‘inwards’ to face corner 1-16 (2nd time) Couples 2 & 4 - no polite turn at the end of 1/2 rights and lefts Tulloch Swing: It is more usual for couples to link arms, hands cupping elbows, ladies holding dresses and men with free arm raised. Men 2 cuts and women 2 changes of feet to change direction