Tune Off She Goes 1415

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Bees of Maggieknockater, The The Bees of Maggieknockater David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 4/4
Bill Bryce/The Soldier's Dance/The Deil Amang the Mealmen/Off She Goes
Express, The The Express The Deirdre Adamson Quartet J40 8 2/4
The Express/Off She Goes/The Soldier's Dance/Teviot Brig
Fly Not Yet Fly Not Yet Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band J48 8 3/4
Bide Ye Yet/The Runaway Bride/Off She Goes/Jolly Companions
Frog in the Middle Frog in the Middle Chris Peterson & Michael Hudson J32 8 2/3
Larry O' Gaff/Off She Goes/Coleraine
Gala Night Gala Night Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent J32 6 3/3 Farmer's Jamboree/Rock Valley Jig/Off She Goes
Hooper's Jig Hooper's Jig Alasdair Fraser & Muriel Johnstone J32 8 3/3
Peter's Peerie Boat/The Stool of Repentance/Off She Goes
Jig 8x32 Jig 8x32 Ian Slater J32 3 2/3 Kenmure's on and awa'/Off She Goes/Colonel Hamilton's Delight
Machine Without Horses Machine Without Horses Bobby MacLeod and his Band J32 8 4/4 The Machine without Horses/The Banks of the Allan/Aithernie Lodge/Off She Goes
New Rigged Ship, The The New Rigged Ship Jimmy Shand and his Band J32 6 2/3 The New Rigged Ship/Off She Goes/Kinloch of Kinloch
New Rigged Ship, The The New Rigged Ship Jimmy Shand and his Band J48 8 3/4 The New Rigged Ship/Syd Chalmers/Off She Goes/Ellen Richard's Delight
Off She Goes Off She Goes Jim MacLeod and his Band J16 4 1/3
Off She Goes/The Stool of Repentance/Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife
Off She Goes or Follow Her Over The Borders Off She Goes or Follow Her Over The Borders Jim Lindsay and his Band J16 8 1/3
Off She Goes/The Steamboat Quickstep/Miss Maria Stewart's Jig
Off she goes Off she goes J162/4L William (18C) Campbell
Just a Morsel Just a Morsel J164S Barry Skelton
Short Bread Short Bread J164S Barry Skelton
Moderator's Welcome, The The Moderator's Welcome J324S Rosemary Watson
MacLachlan Jig, The The MacLachlan Jig J324/4L Jill Wing