Tune Gordon Pattullo's Reel 2226

Composed by
Angus Cameron

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Anniversary Reel Anniversary Reel The Deirdre Adamson Quartet R32 4 4/4 Country Lasses/Mrs Jean Cameron/Bill Cormack of Blair/Gordon Pattullo's Reel
Clatterin' Brig Clatterin' Brig Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 8 2/4
The Pied Wagtail/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/The Argyll Assembly/The Rhinns of Kells
Cramond Bridge Cramond Bridge Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band R32 8 4/4
Valerie Farr's Reel/The Maryhill Highlanders/The Green Dykes/Gordon Pattullo's Reel
Duke of Perth Duke of Perth Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 10 3/8 Duke of Perth/Neil Donald/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Willie Anderson of Dalharn/Reel Number Six/The Handsome Ploughboy/Sebastian's Birthday/Sheep in the Mountains
Glen Cova Glen Cova The Glendaruel Scottish Dance Band R 3/3 Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/Glenbuchat Lodge/Gordon Pattullo's Reel
Iain Nixon's Reel Iain Nixon's Reel Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
Iain Alexander Nixon/Willie Anderson's Farewell to Dalharn/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Chris Blair
Ilka Joy Ilka Joy Scottish Measure R32 4 1/4
Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Miss Mary Douglas/Alasdair of the Dun/Mrs Mary Printy
Miss Murray of Lintrose Miss Murray of Lintrose Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/7
Miss Murray of Lintrose/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Pam Finlayson's Reel/Thompson's Reel/The Merry Reapers/Ray's Classic/Ellenbrook
Niagara Swirl Niagara Swirl Muir, Ian and his Scottish Dance Band R48 8 2/4
Victoria Hornpipe/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Wee Red Breeks/The Storrers Hornpipe
None So Pretty None So Pretty Ron Kerr Quintet R40 8 3/4
Johnnie in Nether Mains/Neil Donald/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Willie Anderson of Condie
Peacocks in the Glen Peacocks in the Glen Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 3/4 Bessie Bell's Reel/Miss Campbell of Saddell/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Ingram's 35
Petronella/Circassian Circle Petronella/Circassian Circle Ian Hutson & his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4 Petronella/The Black Boy/Dirk Kommer's Reel/Gordon Pattullo's Reel
Polharrow Burn Polharrow Burn Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R32 5 3/4 Miss Clementina Loughnan/The Pied Wagtail/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Alasdair of the Dun
Silver Castle Reel, The The Silver Castle Reel The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R40 8 6/8
The Silver Castle Reel/Jack and Dolly Leiper/The Landlady of the Inver Inn/Bonnie Mally Lee/Willie's gaen tae Melville Castle/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite/Andrew Rankine's Tribute to Lindsay Ross
Trip to Bavaria, A A Trip to Bavaria Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 4/4 The Remmerts of Herford/The Ploughboy/Miss E. Lyall/Gordon Pattullo's Reel
Why Not? Why Not? The Craigellachie Band R40 4 2/4 Ann Dix's Reel/Gordon Pattullo's Reel/Jill Simpson of Chapelhill/The Headteacher