Tune Shandon Bells 2886

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5x32 Bar Jigs 5x32 Bar Jigs McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band J32 5 1/2 Shandon Bells/Saddle the Pony
90th Birthday 90th Birthday Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4 Lango Lee/Shandon Bells/The Irish Washerwoman/Bobby Dunlop's Jig
Celtic Crossing Celtic Crossing Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band J32 5 4/5
Sweet Biddy Daly/Roaring Jelly/The Rakes O' Kildare/Shandon Bells/The Idle Road
Collichur Collichur David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/7
Lochleven Side/Shandon Bells/Pet o' the Pipers/Belfast Ham/The Maid on the Green/Dan the Cobbler/The Little Burnt Potato
Frisky, The The Frisky Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4
Humber Jumber/Jackson's Jig/Larry O' Gaff/Shandon Bells
Laird of Milton's Daughter Laird of Milton's Daughter Ian Cruickshanks and his Band J32 8 2/4 The Laird of Milton's Daughter/Shandon Bells/Paddy Whack/The Frost is All Over
Papillon, Le Le Papillon Rutherford, Maureen & Copland, Neil J32 2 2/2 Le Papillon/Shandon Bells
Progressive Quadrilles Progressive Quadrilles Ian Hutson & his Scottish Dance Band J32 6 3/6 Saddle the Pony/Apples in Winter/Shandon Bells/The Market Town/Humours of Castle Comer/Buttermilk Mary
Strip the Willow Strip the Willow Da Fustra J32 8 3/4 The Banks of the Allan/The Drunken Parson/Shandon Bells/Over the Sea
Strip the Willow Strip the Willow Jim Johnstone and his Band J32 6 2/3 Sweet Biddy Daly/Shandon Bells/The Absent-Minded Man
Strip the Willow (6/8) Strip the Willow (6/8) Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band J56 4 4/4 Father O' Flynn/Biddy the Bowlwife/The Rakes O' Kildare/Shandon Bells
Waves of Tory Waves of Tory Jimmy Shand and his Band J48 5 1/4 Shandon Bells/Biddy the Bowlwife/The Frost is All Over/Pet o' the Pipers
Scottish Man O' War, The The Scottish Man O' War J322RR Sheila Gradon
Irish Rose Irish Rose J483/4L Muriel Boal
Elizabethan Rant Elizabethan Rant J485/5L Lily Davison