Tune The Merry-Go-Round 3545

Also known as “Flirtation”, “Flirtation Hornpipe”, “The Merry Go-Round”.

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Catch the Wind Catch the Wind The Music Makars R32 8 1/4
The Merry-Go-Round/Legget's Reel/Cuckoo Reel/Brig on the Waves
Catch the Wind Catch the Wind Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt R32 8 1/3
The Merry-Go-Round/Miss Thompson's Reel/Fat Mountain
Catch the Wind Catch the Wind Peter Elmes' Scottish Country Dance Band R32 8 1/4
The Merry-Go-Round/Loch Leven Castle/Caledonian Laddie/Whiskey in the Jar
Catch the Wind Catch the Wind (as »Flirtation Hornpipe«) The Black Bear Duo R32 8 1/4 The Merry-Go-Round/Coutt's Concert Hornpipe/JJ's Reel/John Keith Laing
Medley-Flirtation Hornpipes Medley-Flirtation Hornpipes (as »Flirtation Hornpipe«) Elma Grech R32 4 1/3 The Merry-Go-Round/Mickie Ainsworth/Bonnie Banchory
Reel (Flirtation) Reel (Flirtation) (as »Flirtation«) The Macadians R32 4 1/3
The Merry-Go-Round/Jumping Geordie/The Fairy Dance
Jet Set Hornpipe, The The Jet Set Hornpipe R323/4L Anselm Lingnau as The Merry-Go-Round
Flirtation Hornpipe, The The Flirtation Hornpipe R324/4L Jane Wallace
Catch the Wind Catch the Wind R323/4L Romaine Butterfield As “Flirtation Hornpipe”, original author's tune (popular in NZ)