Tune The Kildare Hornpipe 6384

Also known as “Kildare Fancy”.

Composed by

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Hornpipes Hornpipes Bobby MacLeod and his Band R 1/3 The Kildare Hornpipe/The Stack of Wheat/The Belfast Hornpipe
Hornpipe Selection Hornpipe Selection Jimmy Blue & Mickie Ainsworth R32 4 2/4 Galway Hornpipe/The Kildare Hornpipe/The Stack of Wheat/Peter Wyper's Hornpipe
Hornpipes (suitable for Canadian Barndance) Hornpipes (suitable for Canadian Barndance) (as »Kildare Fancy«) Ian Robertson & Rob Alderton H32 4 1/4 The Kildare Hornpipe/The Rights of Man/Friendly Visit/The Sunshine
Humours of California Humours of California Marian Anderson and her Band S32 8 2/4 The Humours of California/The Kildare Hornpipe/Early Dark/Snowman's Fancy