Tune Highland Donald 686

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Bank Street Reel Bank Street Reel Rob Gordon and his Band R32 4 3/4
The Deveron Reel/Boland's Favourite/Highland Donald/Mist on the Bog
Bratach Bana Bratach Bana Border Country Dance Band R32 8 2/4 Bratach Bana/Highland Donald/The Black Bear/Airlie Bobbies
Bratach Bana Bratach Bana Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4 Bratach Bana/He's O'er the Hills and Far Away/Callum Beag/Highland Donald
Bratach Bana Bratach Bana Andrew Rankine and his Band R32 8 2/3 Bratach Bana/Highland Donald/The Black Bear
Earl of Mansfield, The The Earl of Mansfield David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band R48 4 2/4
The Earl of Mansfield/Highland Donald/Teribus/Kathleen's Reel
Eightsome Reel Eightsome Reel George Bell and his Band R464 1 7/8 Maxwell's Rant/Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy/The Eight Men of Moidart/Tullochgorum/The Peat Fire Flame/Bratach Bana/Highland Donald/Terribus
Eightsome Reel#1931 Eightsome Reel#1931 George Bell and his Band R484 7/8 Maxwell's Rant/Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy/The Eight Men of Moidart/Tullochgorum/The Peat Fire Flame/Braddoch Banner/Highland Donald/Terribus
Fireside Reel, The The Fireside Reel Charlie Kirkpatrick and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 4/4 The Peat Fire Flame/The Nut Brown Maiden/Happy We've Been A' Thegither/Highland Donald
Gay Gordons Gay Gordons Colin Campbell and his Highland Band X16 1/3 Highland Donald/The Hopeful Lover/My Pretty Maid
Highlandman's Umbrella Highlandman's Umbrella Willie McRobert's SCDB R32 4 2/3
The Highlandman's Umbrella/Highland Donald/Goodbe Mrs Durkin
Jessie's Hornpipe Jessie's Hornpipe The Thistle Band R32 8 2/4 The Ton/Highland Donald/Bill Sutherland/Dornoch Links
Jessie's Hornpipe Jessie's Hornpipe Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen R32 8 1/2
Highland Donald/Bill Sutherland
Mairi's Wedding Mairi's Wedding David South and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 5/8 Mairi's Wedding/Happy We've Been A' Thegither/Teribus/The Hopeful Lover/Highland Donald/Highland Laddie/The Wee Man at the Loom/The Black Bear
Mike Hardie's Reel Mike Hardie's Reel Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 7/8
Mike Hardie/Milton Bridge/Hebridean Wauking Song/The Hopeful Lover/Market Chorus/The Piper's Cave/Highland Donald/The Black Bear
New Waterloo Reel, The The New Waterloo Reel Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/4
Mr Marshall's Compliments to Niel Gow/Highland Donald/Glengarry March/Alasdair of the Dun
Nottingham Lace Nottingham Lace The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R24 4 2/4 Hebridean Milking Song/Highland Donald/The Hopeful Lover/The Waulking Song
Stone Mountain Reel Stone Mountain Reel Copious Notes R32 4 2/3 Saint Columba's Sword/Highland Donald/Lord Randall's Bride
Macdonald's Delight Macdonald's Delight R323/4L Jean Attwood
Highland Donald Highland Donald R485/5L John W Mitchell