Tune Alex Muir's Reel 7558

Composed by
Tommy Ford

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Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh The Colin Dewar Quartet R40 8 3/4 Dunnottar Castle/Birkhall/Alex Muir's Reel/Dornoch Links
Earl and Countess of Wessex, The The Earl and Countess of Wessex Hugh Ferguson and the Dalriada Scottish Dance Band R40 8 2/7
The Earl and Countess of Wessex/Alex Muir's Reel/Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy/Highland Air/Highland Lassie/Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite/Mrs Mary Printy
Jan Maree Jan Maree Marian Anderson and her Band R32 3 2/3
Bessie Bell's Reel/Alex Muir's Reel/Kalveek's Polka
Mairi's Wedding Mairi's Wedding Ian T Muir R40 8 7/8 Mairi's Wedding/Highland Walking Song/Traditional Air/Bratach Bana/Kiss me quick, my Mither's coming/The Belfast Reel/Alex Muir's Reel/Miss C M Hall
Mhairi's Wedding Mhairi's Wedding The Ian Muir Sound R40 8 7/8
The Uist Tramping Song/Macfarlane o' the Sprotts o' Burnieboozie/The Thistle of Scotland/Highland Walking Song/Kiss me quick, my Mither's coming/The Belfast Reel/Alex Muir's Reel/Catherine Margaret Hall
Old Man of Storr, The The Old Man of Storr The Craigowl Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
Mrs Ella Wilson/Dirk Kommer's Reel/Alex Muir's Reel/Elegant Esther Gray
Perth 800 Perth 800 Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 2/4
The Octocentenary/Alex Muir's Reel/Hop Scotch/Ingram's 35
Salute to Miss Jean Milligan Salute to Miss Jean Milligan Jim MacLeod and his Band R32 8 3/3 Salute to Miss Jean Milligan/Winding Forth/Alex Muir's Reel