Tune The Kail Pot 834

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Anniversary, The The Anniversary Bobby Frew Four with Ian Powrie M64 4 1/8 The Kail Pot/Country Lasses/The Clachan/Far Frae Hame/Mrs Ramsay/Tarbolton Lodge/Duchess of Athole/Kitty MacFarlane
Balmoral Strathspey Balmoral Strathspey Jim Johnstone and his Band S32 4 2/2 Balmoral/The Kail Pot
Braes of Tullimet, The The Braes of Tullimet Colin Finlayson and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/4
The Braes of Tulliemet/Billy Mackinnon/The Back of the Change House/The Kail Pot
Brunette d'Ecosse Brunette d'Ecosse David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 3/4
David Hall's Compliments to the Rousseaus/Mrs Adie/The Kail Pot/The Weavers of Newley
Cashmere Shawl, The The Cashmere Shawl The Colin Dewar Quartet S32 8 4/4
The Cashmere Shawl/The Sidlaw Hills/Lord Lyndoch/The Kail Pot
Cauld Kail Cauld Kail Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band M32 4 3/4 Cauld Kail in Aberdeen/Lady Charlotte Campbell (reel)/The Kail Pot/Miss Johnstone
Countess of Crawford's Reel Countess of Crawford's Reel Alastair Wood and his Scottish Dance Band S40 8 2/4
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay/The Kail Pot/The Thack Cottage/The Duke of Edinburgh
Drumelzier Drumelzier Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band S32 4 3/3 Drumelzier/The Lass o' Corrie Mill/The Kail Pot
Edina's Pride Edina's Pride D McKerron / P Clark / A Evans / W Weatherby S32 8 7/7
Charlotte Square/Rona's Celebration/Nicola's Strathspey/James Dunbar of Kincardine/The Gordonian Strathspey/Bob and Doreen McKerron/The Kail Pot
Frost and Snow Frost and Snow Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/7
Kinrara/Kate Farrell/Mrs B. Jolly/The Kail Pot/Margaret's Fancy/The Lass o' Corrie Mill/Mrs Adie
Glasgow Highlanders Glasgow Highlanders The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band S32 8 3/8 The Glasgow Highlanders/South of the Grampians/The Kail Pot/The Iron Man/Miss Nancy Arnott/Angus Fitchet's Compliments to Ian Powrie/Mackenzie Hay/Master Francis Sitwell
Haughs O' Cromdale Haughs O' Cromdale Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band S16 8 4/4
Haughs o' Cromdale/Captain Horne/Mrs Stewart of Grandtully/The Kail Pot
Ladies of Banffshire, The The Ladies of Banffshire Ewan Galloway and Shona MacFadyan S32 4 3/4 The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell/The Shetland Fiddler's Society/The Kail Pot/Regards to Helen Frame
Lady Auckland's Reel Lady Auckland's Reel Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/4
Lady Auckland's Reel/The Weavers of Newley/Major Thomas of Cairnleith/The Kail Pot
Lady Susan Montgomery Lady Susan Montgomery Craig McCallum's Scottish Dance Band S40 8 2/4
Lady Mary Montgomery's Reel/The Kail Pot/Bonnie Bridge/Craig o' Barnes
Lochiel's Rant Lochiel's Rant Jimmy Blue and his Scottish Band S32 4 2/3 Lochiel's Rant/The Kail Pot/Tulchan Lodge
Lochindorb Strathspey Lochindorb Strathspey Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band S32 6 5/5
Dava Moor/Bonnie Bridge/James McInnes, Esq/Mrs Adie/The Kail Pot
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy Miss Ogilvie's Fancy Craig McCallum's Scottish Dance Band S32 8 3/4 Miss Ogilvie's Fancy/Mrs Garden of Troup/The Kail Pot/Miss Hutton
Sins of My Youth, The The Sins of My Youth The White Cockade Scottish Country Dance Band S32 5 2/3
The Perthshire Volunteers/The Kail Pot/The Scotsman in America
St Chad's Strathspey St Chad's Strathspey Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band S32 3 2/3
St Chad's Strathspey/The Kail Pot/The Bobby Harvey Strathspey
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose Nancy Dickson S32 8 6/7
There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose/Margaret's Fancy/Mrs Fitchet/Mrs Adie/Mrs Garden of Troup/The Kail Pot/Forth Bridge, The - Strathspey
Tin Wedding, The The Tin Wedding D McKerron / P Clark / A Evans S32 8 3/2 The Doves/The Kail Pot
Two Furlongs Two Furlongs Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band S32 6 2/5
Stronchullin Strathspey/The Kail Pot/Miss French of Tayside/Miss Ann Rutherford/Kinlochmore
Bobier's Garden Party Bobier's Garden Party M324/4L Marie Boehmer
Bonnie Belinda Bonnie Belinda M324/4L Lewis N Derrick
Prairie Pipers, The The Prairie Pipers M643/4L Ferne Katzberg
Anniversary, The The Anniversary M644/4L Peter McBryde