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Adding New Material

We aim for comprehensive coverage of all of the SCD world, but of course we’re missing some hard-to-find (or perhaps really not-so-hard-to-find) things, and of course new stuff is coming out all the time. Usually we will sooner or later notice new things, or come into possession of old things that we didn’t have before, but if you have an obvious gap that you’d like filled, or if you have something new that you would like to see included in the database, there are some ways to expedite matters.

Publications (Dances and Tunes)

If you’ve just brought out a new collection of dances or tunes, then by all means send us a copy and we’ll add it to the database at our earliest convenience.

Electronic copies of books, leaflets, etc. may be sent to scddb-submissions@strathspey.org. We prefer PDF media but can probably handle pretty much anything.

Physical copies of books, leaflets, etc. (on paper) may be sent to Anselm at the postal address given at the bottom of this page.


If you’ve produced a video of a dance then we would like to know about it! Go to the database page for that dance and select “Add Video” from the “Add” menu at the bottom of the “Overview” tab. This lets you enter a reference to your video on one of the popular video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. (For the record, at the moment it must be either YouTube or Vimeo. If you prefer a different platform that lets a site like the SCD Database “embed” a player then do let Anselm know so he can make the necessary arrangements.)

If you’re regularly posting dance videos on your own YouTube “channel” then do get in touch; we’re working on a method that will automatically add videos that appear on specific YouTube channels, and we would love some “guinea pigs” to test this with.

If you would rather not upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo then feel free to upload it to the SCD Database directly, using the “Upload Video …” entry in a dance’s “Add” menu.

All videos that have been added or uploaded will be vetted before publication on the site, to ensure that they actually contain what they claim they contain, and are otherwise suitable for the site. (We like kitten videos as much as the next person but they have no place in the SCD database unless the kittens are performing Scottish dances. Also if you send us a video of a perfect demonstration set dancing in the nude then we would probably pass on that, too.) Note that this process may take some time depending on the availability of people to do the vetting, so your video(s) may not show up immediately.

Musical Recordings

For musical recordings, we like to include the dance type, number of bars per repetition, number of repetitions, etc. (check out any recording’s detail page and you get the idea). We also like to include the names of the tunes being played.

With CDs, the most straightforward way of ensuring we have this information for the database is to send us the accompanying booklet or back inlay of the CD box – usually a scanned copy will do fine. We also like to include a CDDB ID, which can be obtained using one of a number of free tools. (This will make it possible to use the Strathspey SCD Database as a CDDB server, so that when people pop the CD into their computer they will see the names of the tracks in a standardised format that is derived from the info in the database.)

If you want the database to offer “snippets” of the recordings for people to check out (a great way of advertising your album if we say so ourselves), then send us a set of MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files that cover the first 15 seconds of each track and (ideally) fade out to silence at the end over a period of one second. (If you’d rather save yourself the trouble of producing these files, or for that matter the CDDB ID mentioned above, then by all means send Anselm a copy of the CD and he’ll be happy to do it for you.)

Cribs and Diagrams

Registered users can enter individual cribs using the “Add Crib” button on the “Cribs/Diagrams” tab of a dance’s detail page. (If there are no pre-existing cribs or diagrams for that dance, that tab is inaccessible; in that case use the “Add Crib” entry of the “Add” menu on the “Overview” tab.) These cribs will be added to the SCDDB Contributed Cribs & Diagrams crib source and credited to their respective authors. Strathspey management reserves the right to edit contributed cribs for style and clarity and also to remove them if they are no longer deemed necessary (e.g., there is a crib in one of the mainstream crib collections that is of equal or higher quality).

If you have a (large-ish) number of existing cribs that you would like to contribute but would rather not have to retype one by one then contact Anselm to discuss arrangements for bulk import. (This is the MiniCribs people do.)

So far there is no facility to add individual diagrams but that could be added if there is demand. The database stores diagrams in SVG format (for easy conversion to PDF or pixel-based formats). Again, if you have a set of diagrams that you would like to contribute, contact Anselm so he can add a “diagram source” for your use.

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