Album Birling 1034

Short name
Recorded by
The Occasionals (2012)
  • CD: CDTRAX371 (2012)
1 The Hornes Set The Occasionals X16 123:35 35.8 Freeland Barbour's Compliments to Sandy and Angela Horne/Jimmy Horne of Clochkan
2 The Occasionals Jigs The Occasionals J32 84:09 31.1 Kevin McLeod's/The Millar Man/Conal an dranndain/Hardie's Triumph
3 The Highland Wedding The Occasionals X16 123:58 39.7 The Highland Wedding/The Australian Ladies
4 Orkney Memories The Occasionals W16 123:43 37.2 Memories of Orkney
5 The Westringing Set The Occasionals R64 44:45 35.6 Carn Gorm to Blue Ridge/Banjo Branch Fiddle/French Broad Lightning/Late Night at Kincraigie
6 The Capstan Two Step The Occasionals X16 123:15 32.5 Heave a Pawl
7 Gaelic Melodies The Occasionals W163:53 0 FĂ gail Lismor/Loch Maruibhe/Cuthag nan Craobh
8 Northern Reels The Occasionals R32 84:38 34.8 My Love She's but a Lassie Yet/Jimmy Allan/Snouts and Ears/The Hopeful Lover
9 A Drop of Brandy The Occasionals R32 63:09 31.5 The Whittingham Rant
10 Set of 4/4 Marches The Occasionals X32 63:37 36.2 Captain Norman Orr-Ewing/Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen/Drouthie Crony
11 Cold Winds 6/8 Marches The Occasionals X16 82:38 39.5 Cold Winds from Wyvis/John Hunt's Welcome to Skipness
12 The Hebridean The Occasionals W16 82:36 39.0 The New Hebridean Waltz
13 The Celebration The Occasionals R32 84:48 36.0 Lady Elizabeth Lindsay/Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scots Measure/Duncan and Jean Shaw of Skipness/The Celebration Reel
14 Happy We've Been The Occasionals S8 102:31 60.4 Happy We've Been A' Thegither/The Muck Ceilidh/McPhedran's Strathspey
15 Irish Jigs The Occasionals J48 53:57 31.6 Pet o' the Pipers/A Visit to Ireland/Jerry's Beaver Hat/The Hare Amang the Corn/The Blackthorn Stick
16 The Percy French Set The Occasionals W32 68:08 81.3 Drumcolliher/The Emigrant's Letter/The Night That Miss Cooney Eloped
17 The Old 2/4's The Occasionals X16 83:12 48.0 Howes of Bucksburn/The Duchess of Hamilton's Quickstep
18 Dumfries & Galloway Reels The Occasionals R48 43:37 36.2 The High Road to Wigton/Rhinns of Kells/Fosters Reel/The Teviot Crossing