Album Gotta Dance! … to Reel of Seven 1083

Short name
Gotta Dance!
Recorded by
Reel of Seven (2015)
  • CD: IMB015 (2015)
1 On the Incoming Tide Reel of Seven J32 84:47 35.9
Road to Banff/The Roaring Barmaid/The Blackberry Festival Footrace/Trip to Ottawa
2 John of Bon Accord Reel of Seven R32 84:40 35.0
John of Bon Accord/Frank Gilruth/Valley of the Moon Reel/Taybank Shenanigans
3 The Silver Tassie Reel of Seven S32 88:31 63.9
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Strathspey/Troubled Oceans/Master Francis Sitwell/The Beauty of the North
4 Carlin's Cairn Reel of Seven J32 84:39 34.9
Cameroni's Jigaroni/Norven House/The Champaign Jig Goes To Columbia/Pat and Al's Jig
5 Dr. Stocker's Hornpipe Reel of Seven R40 42:59 35.8
Dr. Stocker's Hornpipe/Double Diamond Celebration/Dunaskin Glen
6 Bonnie Stronshiray Reel of Seven S32 88:27 63.4
Bonnie Stronshiray/Miss Irene Fidler's Strathspey/Pamela Rose Grant/The Laird of Atherton
7 Links with St Petersburg Reel of Seven J32 84:43 35.4
The Craigellachie Lasses/Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive's Favourite Reel/Miss Sophia Campbell of Saddell's Reel/Captain Campbell (of Lochnell's) Reel
8 The Flowers of Edinburgh Reel of Seven R32 84:43 35.4
The Flowers of Edinburgh/Reel Beatrice/The Old Man and The Old Woman/Fleur de Mandragore
9 Culla Bay Reel of Seven S32 44:21 65.2
The MacAulays of Benbecula/Alberta Wild Rose Strathspey/The Earl of Northampton
10 Granville Market Reel of Seven J32 84:40 35.0
Mary Currie/Maureen's Jig/Doug MacDonald's Birthday/Jig o' Beer
11 None So Pretty Reel of Seven R40 85:50 35.0
Johnnie in Nether Mains/Bessie's Haggies/The 93rd's Farewell to Edinburgh
12 The Flower of Glasgow Reel of Seven S32 33:27 69.0
The Minister o' Birse/John of Badenyon/Cape Spear
13 Trip to Timber Ridge Reel of Seven R32 84:38 34.8
The Road to Errogie/The Linguist/Time to Go/Celtic Steps