Tune Dunaskin Glen 1945

Composed by
Ian T Muir
Published in

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Across the Border Across the Border The Ian Muir Sound R48 4 2/4 Miss Lorraine Nelson of Aberdeen/Dunaskin Glen/MacPhail's Magic/Gordon Smith of Trenent
Demo Dandy Dancers Demo Dandy Dancers Ewan Galloway R32 4 4/4 The "Reel" Dandy Dancers/MacArthur's Road/Miss Jane of Violetbank/Dunaskin Glen
Dr. Stocker's Hornpipe Dr. Stocker's Hornpipe Reel of Seven R40 4 3/3
Dr. Stocker's Hornpipe/Double Diamond Celebration/Dunaskin Glen
Mrs MacLeod/Dashing White Sergeant Mrs MacLeod/Dashing White Sergeant Ian Hutson & his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4 Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/The Big Fin/Farquhar Mathieson/Dunaskin Glen
Never at Sea Never at Sea The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R48 6 6/6 The Original Sett of Killiecrankie/Dr Robertson/Hey, Johnnie Cope/Da Four Winds/Hard Rock Reel/Dunaskin Glen
Punch Bowl, The The Punch Bowl Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4
The Bottom of the Punch Bowl/The Down Express/Ken Duncan's Reel/Dunaskin Glen
Queen Margaret's Crown Queen Margaret's Crown Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band R96 1 3/3 Mrs. Douglas Of Ednam/Scunnered/Dunaskin Glen
Reels Reels Simon Howie and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 3/4 Millbrae/The Barmaid/Dunaskin Glen/John Pottinger's Compliments to Ronnie Cooper
Sailor, The The Sailor The Ian Muir Sound R32 8 6/8
The Davy Hornpipe/David Turnbull's Reel/Miss Lorraine Nelson of Aberdeen/Mr & Mrs McShane of Houston/Kenny Thomson's Reel/Dunaskin Glen/Miss C. M. Barbour/Iain MacPhail's Compliments to the Late Gordon Jamieson
Shiftin' Bobbins Shiftin' Bobbins The Deirdre Adamson Quartet R32 8 3/4
Shiftin' Bobbins/Wee Red Breeks/Dunaskin Glen/Karen's Reel
Train Journey North, The The Train Journey North Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R40 4 4/4
The Train Journey North/Andrew Knight/Baldie's Reel/Dunaskin Glen
Wellington Street Wellington Street David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/4
Wellington Street/Dunaskin Glen/Mrs Norman MacKeigan/Morag's Reel
Windsor Welcome, The The Windsor Welcome R404/4L Dorothy Bell