Album More Swans of Atlanta 1111

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Copious Notes (2018)
  • CD: (2018)
11 Peachtree Reel Copious Notes R32 84:55 36.9 Peachtree Reel/Danny Will Fix It/Gordon's Favourite/Walt in the Ice Cave
3 C2C (Canton to Cartersville) Copious Notes S32 44:23 65.8 Miss MacQueen's Reel/Croughly/Willie Blair, Queen Victoria's Fiddler/Garthlands
4 Lady Catherine Brodie's Reel Copious Notes J32 84:48 36.0 So I'm off with the Good St Nicholas Boat/Tipperty's Jean/Davie's Brae
5 Don't Make Me Stop I'll get Lost Copious Notes R32 31:59 39.7 Eileen Watt/Late Again
6 Don't Make Me Stop I'll get Lost (Encore) Copious Notes R32 31:59 39.7 Woman of the House
7 Barbaron Copious Notes S32 88:25 63.1 Crowhillock/Miss Urquart of Meldrum/Captain Campbell of Carphen
1 Cauldron of the Plaid Copious Notes J48 83:41 18.4 Holyrood House/Scarce o' Tatties/Sailor at the Bow
2 Bonnie Bernard's Birthday Bash Copious Notes R32 42:34 38.5 Glasgow Hornpipe/Albert's Hornpipe/Aldridge's Hornpipe
8 Mr. Joseph LaFace Copious Notes J32 32:02 40.7 Fanny Power/Behind the Bush in the Garden/Elspeth Andrew's Fancy
9 Leaning Tower Copious Notes S32 33:19 66.3 The Bog of Gight/The Kirrie Kebbuck
10 Owl's Nest Copious Notes J32 84:49 36.1 Opera Dance/Oh! as I was kissed yestreen/Mrs O'Sullivan's/Huntington Castle
12 Short's Golden Strathspey Copious Notes S32 883:22 625.2 Diane Kathleen/The White Picket Fence/Miss Jessie Heron of Skye
13 Sprezzatura Copious Notes R32 42:37 39.2 The Merry Boys Of Greenland/Bonnie Isle O Whalsay/Up an Doon da Harbour
14 Sylvia Full of Grace Copious Notes S32 33:15 65.0 Miss Catherine Chalmers/Miss Wright of Durham
15 Wha' a Lass Copious Notes R48 43:41 36.8 Kate Dalrymple/Miss Hay of Yester/Kincaldrun's Reel
16 The Yellow Fliers Copious Notes J32 84:50 36.2 Mrs Small of Dirnanean's Jigg/Road to Skye/Miss Ann Monro/Mrs Maitland of Rankeillor's Reel
17 Dawn Copious Notes W2:48 0