Tune Davie's Brae 376

Composed by
Jim Johnstone
Published in

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Banks of Allen Banks of Allen Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
On the Banks of the Allan Water/Stoneypath Tower/Davie's Brae/Fergie's Jig
Carlingwark Jig Carlingwark Jig Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 4/4 Little Biscuits/Soneypath Tower/John Grumlie/Davie's Brae
Celtic Clasp Celtic Clasp Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band J40 8 4/4
The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/Stoneypath Tower/John Grumlie/Davie's Brae
Dandy Dancer, The The Dandy Dancer Marie Fielding & Friends J32 4 4/4 The Dandy Dancer/Christie MacLeod/Stoneypath Tower/Davie's Brae
Davie's Brae Davie's Brae Border Country Dance Band J32 8 1/4 Davie's Brae/Iain's Hunting Horn/The Nineteenth Hole/Donald Iain Rankine
Father Connelly's Jig Father Connelly's Jig Ceol na h-Alba J64 4 3/4 Father Connelly's Jig/Jim Lindsay's Jig/Davie's Brae/Jim Connor's Jig
Glayva Glayva Nancy Dickson J32 8 7/7
España - Spanish Rhapsody/Paddy's Leather Breeches/Wee Todd/The Corner House Jig/Archie Buchanan/Pibroch of Domnhall Dubh/Davie's Brae
Jig Jig Irvine Valley Scottish Dance Band J32 6 3/3 Jim & Jane Ruxton of Aberdeen/Tam's Hunting Horn/Davie's Brae
Jig 4x40 Jig 4x40 Ian Slater J40 4 4/4 The Corner House Jig/Stoneypath Tower/Miss Fidler's Jig/Davie's Brae
Ladies' Fancy Ladies' Fancy David South and his Scottish Dance Band J32 6 3/3 Peggie's Wedding/Miss Dickson's Reel/Davie's Brae
Lady Catherine Brodie's Reel Lady Catherine Brodie's Reel Copious Notes J32 8 3/3 So I'm off with the Good St Nicholas Boat/Tipperty's Jean/Davie's Brae
Let the Hackles Rise Let the Hackles Rise Jim Lindsay and his Band J48 4 3/4
Let the Hackles Rise/The Spider's Web/Davie's Brae/Hoddum House
Lord Rosslyn's Fancy Lord Rosslyn's Fancy The Danelaw Country Dance Band J32 8 2/4 Lord Rosslyn's Fancy/Davie's Brae/Stoneypath Tower/Donald Iain Rankine
Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife Drummond Cook and his Scottish Dance Band J40 8 5/7
Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife/The Barren Spade/Burries Brae/Jim Anderson's Delight/Davie's Brae/The Corner House Jig/Edmund Mackenzie of Plockton
My Heather Hills My Heather Hills Mara Shea & Dave Wiesler J48 3 2/3
The Island of Mull/Davie's Brae/The Cobbler
Set of Jigs Set of Jigs McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band J32 8 4/4 The Drunken Parson/Pretty Jane/The Cobbler/Davie's Brae
Sunnyside, The The Sunnyside Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 5/8 Miss Hannah of Elgin/Provost Tonge of Monifieth/The Sea Trout/Audrey Cant of Craigton/Davie's Brae/Rock Valley Jig/The Jimmy Harris Jig/Bill Black's Button Box
Sunshine in Lagos Sunshine in Lagos Marian Anderson and her Band J32 8 3/4
Gibby Lang's Jig/The Bag of Plums/Davie's Brae/Jig for Judi
Waverley Waverley Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band J48 8 4/7
The Lawland Lads think they are Fine/Lesley and Bruce McLaren/Peter Rae's Jig/Davie's Brae/Bobby Graham Esq/The Sly Old Fox/Miss Katrina Margaret Douglas
Welcome Home Welcome Home James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band J32 5 4/5 Welcome Home/Harry C Ogilvie/Sir Torquil Munro/Davie's Brae/Elizabeth Donald of Mosside
Mill Rig Mill Rig J322/4L Jean Attwood
Davie's Brae Davie's Brae J324/4L John W Mitchell
President's Dilemma, The The President's Dilemma J324/4L Ian Brockbank
Dornachd Head Dornachd Head J325/5L John W Mitchell
New Scotland Gold New Scotland Gold J323/4L Ian Brockbank