Album Footnotes 211

Short name
Recorded by
The Occasionals (1992)
  • CD: IRCD021 (1992)
4 The Dashing White Sergeant The Occasionals R32 84:20 32.5
The Dashing White Sergeant/Stumpie/The Ton/The Duchess of Buccleuch's Favourite
17 The Eightsome Reel The Occasionals R464 17:44 32.0
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/The Boatie Rows/Mount Stewart House/The Lass o' Gowrie/MacGregor's March/Mrs MacDouall Grant/The Gow Quickstep/The Man at the Loom/Deil Amang the Tailors
15 The Foula Reel The Occasionals J32 84:12 31.5
Shaalds o' Foula/The Brig/Harvest Time/The Fiddler's Toolshed
8 Strip the Willow The Occasionals J32 84:02 30.2
Roll Back The Carpet/The Assynt Crofters/The West End/Black Dry Snout
10 Waltz Country Dance The Occasionals W404:03 0
White Gold/The First Snow/The Pinnacles/Capel Vale
1 The Gay Gordons The Occasionals -162:57 0
Edwin Flaws of Wyre
2 The Eva Three Step The Occasionals -162:24 0
Commander David Stogdon RNLI/Major John MacLennan
3 The Saint Bernard's Waltz The Occasionals W163:03 0
The Finnish Waltz
5 Military Two Step The Occasionals -162:49 0
The Blasted Man
6 The Canadian Barn Dance The Occasionals -163:12 0
Pipe Major Willie Gray's Farewell to the City of Glasgow Police/The Meigle Smiddy
7 Pride of Erin Waltz The Occasionals W323:46 0
Far Away in Australia/Norwegian Waltz/Pull Down The Blind
9 The Britannia Two Step The Occasionals -163:08 0
McKinley's March/Silver and Gold/Ingram's 35
11 The Cumberland Square Eight The Occasionals -645:24 0
Polkan Går/Greenlandic Tune/You Married My Daughter/Stockholmslaaten/The Crooked Stovepipe
12 The Highland Schottische The Occasionals -83:12 0
Captain Murdo Kennedy/Captain Alec Morrison
13 The Swedish Masquerade The Occasionals -482:58 0
The Watsons of Park Stile/The Robsons of Rayheugh/The Murrays of Rothbury
14 The Virginia Reel The Occasionals R64 44:26 33.2
Saut de Lapin/Ragtime Annie/American Reel/Pointe au Pic
16 The Veleta The Occasionals W163:01 0
The Veleta
18 Last Waltz The Occasionals W2:18 0
Mount Auburn