Tune The Boatie Rows 133

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Annan Gold Annan Gold Ian T Muir S32 3 2/3 Wilson & Doris Richardson/The Boatie Rows/Durisdeer
Blooms of Bon Accord Blooms of Bon Accord Ian T Muir R32 4 2/4 The Blooms of Bon Accord/The Boatie Rows/Miss Campbell of Saddell/Market Chorus
Caller Herrin' Caller Herrin' Ron Gonnella & George MacIlwham R40 8 3/4 Caller Herrin'/The Nut Brown Maiden/The Boatie Rows/The Lass o' Gowrie
Dashing White Sergeant Dashing White Sergeant Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 8 4/8 The Dashing White Sergeant/Janey's Wedding/Bonnie Mally Lee/The Boatie Rows/Ellenbrook/The Black Boy/George Wark/Elegant Esther Gray
Davy's Locker Davy's Locker Rob Gordon and his Band R24 8 1/4
The Boatie Rows/Boland's Favourite/Mist on the Bog/The Four-leaf Clover
Eight Men of Moidart Eight Men of Moidart Charlie Kirkpatrick and his Scottish Dance Band R16 6 3/4 The Eight Men of Moidart/The Black Boy/The Boatie Rows/The Key of the Door
Eightsome Reel, The The Eightsome Reel The Occasionals R464 1 3/10
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/The Boatie Rows/Mount Stewart House/The Lass o' Gowrie/MacGregor's March/Mrs MacDouall Grant/The Gow Quickstep/The Man at the Loom/Deil Amang the Tailors
Fidget Fidget John MacDonald R32 8 2/3 Fidget/The Boatie Rows/Aiken Drum
Fidget Fidget Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
Fidget/Bonnie Mally Lee/The Boatie Rows/The Kettledrum
Glens of Antrim Glens of Antrim The Ian Muir Sound S32 8 4/5
Cathkin Braes/Cathkin Braes/O Why I Left My Hame/The Boatie Rows/The Lea Rig
Kingussie Flower Kingussie Flower BBC Band (Archie Duncan et al) R40 8 3/3 Bed o' Flowers/Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/The Boatie Rows
Ladies of Dunse, The The Ladies of Dunse Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith R40 8 3/7
The Duchess of Buccleuch/Lady Mackenzie of Coull/The Boatie Rows/The Duchess of Buccleuch's Favourite/Norman Whitelaw/Kay's Delight/Goodnight and Joy be With You
Light of Hope Light of Hope Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 4/4 The Light of Hope/Jocky's Ta'en the Pairtin Kiss/O Why I Left My Hame/The Boatie Rows
Mairi's Wedding Mairi's Wedding The Colin Dewar Quartet R40 8 4/7 Mairi's Wedding/The Reel of Tullochgorum/Sandy O'er the Lea/The Boatie Rows/Pulling Bracken/The Hopeful Lover/Traditional Canadian Air
Mairi's Wedding Mairi's Wedding The Colin Dewar Quartet R40 8 4/8
Mairi's Wedding/The Reel of Tullochgorum/He's aye a kissin' me/The Boatie Rows/Pulling Bracken/The Hopeful Lover/Canadian Reel/Pink Rose
Maxwell's Rant Maxwell's Rant The Muriel Johnstone Trio R32 8 3/4
Maxwell's Rant/Lady Mackenzie of Coull/The Boatie Rows/The Kettledrum
Miss Catherine Ann Miss Catherine Ann Ian T Muir S32 3 3/3 Catherine Ann's Strathspey/Why Left I My Hame?/The Boatie Rows
Queen's Bridge, The The Queen's Bridge Marian Anderson and her Band R40 4 4/4
The Queen's Bridge/Lady Mackenzie of Coull/Highland Lassie/The Boatie Rows
Quiet Achiever, The The Quiet Achiever The Black Bear Duo M32 8 5/16 Isabel Muir's Strathspey/Andy Muir's Reel/Auld Luckie/Lucky Scaup/The Boatie Rows/Roxburgh Castle/Fill Your Glasses/Bonnie Banchory/Miss Jessie Smith/Sleepy Maggie/Highland Whisky/Mrs MacLeod of Gesto/'S ioma rud tha dhidh orm/Angus Cameron o' Kirrie/The Piper of Drummond/Clean Pease Strae
Reel Medley Reel Medley Ed Brydie and his Band R32 8 3/4 Lad o' Kyle/Aiken Drum/The Boatie Rows/Victoria Hornpipe
Regent's Favourite Regent's Favourite John Ellis and his Highland Country Band R32 4 3/4 Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut/Mrs Menzies of Culdare's Reel/The Boatie Rows/Mrs Coutts Trotter's Favourite
Selkirk Settlement, The The Selkirk Settlement Scotch Measure R32 6 1/4
The Boatie Rows/Riding on a Load of Hay/The Barnyards of Delgaty/Whistle O'er the Lave O't
Ship of Grace Ship of Grace Rob Gordon and his Band S40 1/2 The Boatie Rows/Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut
Ship of Grace Ship of Grace Frank Reid and his Band S40 4 1/3 The Boatie Rows/Calum's Road/Miss E. Purcell
Ship o' Grace Ship o' Grace David South and his Scottish Dance Band S40 4 1/3 The Boatie Rows/Kelvingrove/Will Ye No' Come Back Again?
Ship O' Grace Ship O' Grace Peter Elmes' Scottish Country Dance Band S40 4 1/3 The Boatie Rows/Jessie/MacPherson's Lament
St. Columba's Strathspey St. Columba's Strathspey The Colin Dewar Trio S32 5 4/5
Challenger Lodge/The Rowan Tree/Mary Hamilton of Auchincruive/The Boatie Rows/John Roy Lyall
St. Columba's Strathspey St. Columba's Strathspey Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band S32 5 2/5
Challenger Lodge/The Boatie Rows/The Rowan Tree/Annie Laurie/The Bluebells of Scotland
Winding Road, The The Winding Road Don Bartlett and the Scotians S32 4 3/3
The Hiking Song/Caller Herrin'/The Boatie Rows
West Wynd, The The West Wynd S322RR Nan Lawson
Girdleness Light Girdleness Light S404/4L John Drewry
Ship O' Grace Ship O' Grace S404/4L Jean McAdam
Will Ye No' Come Back Again Will Ye No' Come Back Again S323/4L John Drewry
Tappie Toorie Tappie Toorie R243/4L Roy Goldring
Boatie Rows, The The Boatie Rows S324/4L John Drewry
Green Man, The The Green Man R243/4L Barry Skelton
London Farewell London Farewell S403/4L Lydia Smith
Two by Two Two by Two R242/4L Ann Malley
Trip to Vienna Trip to Vienna S403/4L Ann Murray
Wandering Thistle, The The Wandering Thistle S324/4L Enid Fowler
Brighton Square Brighton Square R1604S John W Mitchell
Davy's Locker Davy's Locker R242/4L Unknown
Fidget Fidget R323/4L Unknown