Album Miss Ogilvie's Fancy 429

Short name
Miss Ogilvie
Recorded by
Green Ginger (2002)
  • CD: (2002)
1 The Starry Eyed Lassie Green Ginger J32 84:46 35.8
Miss Elizabeth Ferguson's Favourite/Miss Sally Hunter/Mrs Maitland of Rankeillor's Reel/Mrs Small of Dirnanean's Jigg/Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive's Favourite Reel/Mrs Gwynne's Fancy/Miss Campbell of Melford
2 Swiss Lassie Green Ginger R32 84:52 36.5
Brumley Brae/Viv's Baseball Cap/Reel for Dave Fleetwood/The Mill House/Cranking Out/The Islay Ranters' Reel/Fiddler's Breakfast
3 5 x 32 Strathspeys Green Ginger S32 55:24 64.8
Miss Maule's Strathspey/Miss Jenny Elliot's Strathspey/Lady Louisa Macdonald's Strathspey/Mr F. Garden Junior of Troup's Strathspey/Miss Margaret Graham of Gartmore's Favourite
4 6 x 32 Reels Green Ginger R32 63:36 36.0
Hogtie's Reel/Major David Manson/Legless in Lisburn/Barney's Balmoral/Hunter's Bog
5 Waltzes Green Ginger W4:09 0
Farquhar and Hettie's Waltz/The Brackla Waltz/The Sneug Water Waltz
6 Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel Green Ginger J32 84:52 36.5
The Laird of Cockpen/O bonny Lass will ye ly in a Barrack/Oh, Saw Ye My Wee Thing/I ha'e laid a Herring in Salt/Craigieburn Wood/What can a young Lassie do wi' an auld Man/The Royal Caledonian Hunt's Delight
7 Captain McBride's Hornpipe Green Ginger R32 84:45 35.6
Lady Eliza Lindsay/Untitled Hornpipe/Pretty Dick's Hornpipe/The Soldier's Hornpipe
8 3 x 32 Song Airs Green Ginger S32 33:19 66.3
Margaret's Ghost/Cumbernauld House/The Black Eagle
9 The Plantation Reel Green Ginger R32 52:58 35.6
Golden Slippers, Dem/Dust in the Lane/Cajun Chas - Wild Man of Rock/Fiddlin' around/Bonaparte's Retreat
10 Slow Air Green Ginger L2:37 0
Davidson the Luthier
11 3 x 32 Jigs Green Ginger J32 31:57 39.0
Colonel Upton's Merry Conceit/Duff House/Pas Doux
12 Miss Ogilvie's Fancy Green Ginger S32 88:36 64.5
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy/Mrs Laing's Strathspey - Fochabers/The Duchess of Bedford's Strathspey/Miss Gordon of Lesmore's Strathspey
13 The Clansman Green Ginger R32 84:44 35.5
Hon Captain Elliot's Quickstep/Harriot/Greenwich Hill/Mrs MacDouall Grant
14 6 x 32 Jigs Green Ginger J32 63:39 36.5
The Grey Buck/The Heights of the Alma/Duntulm
15 General Stuart's Reel Green Ginger R32 84:43 35.4
The Stuart's Rant/Loch Glassie/Lady Margaret Stewart/The Pitnacree Ferryman/Forfar Hunt/The Cottar's Wife/Tail Toddle
16 Listening medley Green Ginger L5:23 0
Loch Erroch Side/Lady Charlotte Campbell/Lord Elcho's Reel/Mrs Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Reel/Miss J. Rose's Reel