Tune Brumley Brae 206

Also known as “Bromley Brae”.

Composed by
William MacPherson
Published in

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3x40 Reel 3x40 Reel Catherine Fraser & Duncan Smith R40 3 3/3
Sandy McIntyre's Trip to Boston/Miss Shepherd/Brumley Brae
Abbotsford Lassies Abbotsford Lassies Laura Risk and Nicholas Williams R32 4 3/3 Holly's Big Day/The Burning of the Piper's Hut/Brumley Brae
Black Mountain Reel Black Mountain Reel The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R32 5 2/5 The Black Mountain Reel/Brumley Brae/The Corbies Wing/Bobby Colgan's Reel/The Ash Plant
Bromley Brae Reels Bromley Brae Reels (as »Bromley Brae«) Petrov, Susie with The Ladies R32 8 1/3
Brumley Brae/Northern Lasses/The Appropriate Dipstick
Burns' Hornpipe Burns' Hornpipe Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 2/4
Glasgow Hornpipe/Brumley Brae/Donald Ridley's Compliments to Oliver Waugh/Jackie Coleman's Reel
Chevy Chase Chevy Chase David Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4
The 93rd's Farewell to Edinburgh/Willafjord/The Sally Gardens/Brumley Brae
Four Minute Reel Four Minute Reel Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/4
The Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to Shetland/Brumley Brae/The Wee Bus/Peerie Willie
Hairy Mary Hairy Mary The White Cockade Scottish Country Dance Band R32 8 3/3
Four in One/Father Francis Cameron/Brumley Brae
Kitty in the High Grass Kitty in the High Grass StringFire! ? 3/3 Kitty in the High Grass/Beachcomber Reel/Brumley Brae
Longtown Rant Longtown Rant The Ian Muir Sound R32 8 2/4 Bill and Betty Galbraith/Brumley Brae/The New Town of Edinburgh/Mrs Mary Printy
McGregor's Leap McGregor's Leap Hanneke Cassel & Dave Wiesler R32 8 3/4
The High Road to Linton/Skye Barbecue/Brumley Brae/Hull's
Petronella Petronella David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 7/8
Petronella/The Stornoway Sailor/Tom Ireland's Reel/The Hesleyside Reel/Stan Saunders' Hornpipe/The General Election/Brumley Brae/Kiwi's Reel
Reels Reels Da Fustra R32 6 2/3 Calum Donaldson/Brumley Brae/Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's Reel
Set of Reels Set of Reels David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4
John Spence o' Uyeasound/Farquhar Mathieson/John Murray of Lochee/Brumley Brae
Soldier's Joy, The The Soldier's Joy John Renton and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4 Soldier's Joy/Astryd's Peerie Tune/Brumley Brae/Captain Peterson of Melby
Speed the Plough Speed the Plough Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 10 6/9 Speed the Plough/Keeper of Delight/Ronnie Maclellan/Patti Kusturoks Reel/The Duchess Reel/Brumley Brae/Donny The Post/The Wee Bus/Peerie Willie Johnson
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Irvine Valley Scottish Dance Band R32 8 1/4 Brumley Brae/The New Town of Edinburgh/Willie Taylor's Fiddle/The Caribou
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band R32 8 1/3
Brumley Brae/Abreast of the Times/John Ducket of Kelsall
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Green Ginger R32 8 1/7
Brumley Brae/Viv's Baseball Cap/Reel for Dave Fleetwood/The Mill House/Cranking Out/The Islay Ranters' Reel/Fiddler's Breakfast
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R32 8 1/4
Brumley Brae/Tam's Rocking Fiddle/Smith's Black Beauty/Thumbs Up Aonghus
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Sandy Legget & the Carseloch Band R32 8 1/8
Brumley Brae/Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's Reel/The Islay Ranters' Reel/The Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to Shetland/The Calgary Fiddlers' Welcome to Shetland/Alec Soammes' Reel/Tam Lin/Bert Murray the Fiddler
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Rutherford, Maureen & Copland, Neil R32 2 1/2 Brumley Brae/Lugging the Box
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Scottish Weekend Ensemble R32 8 1/4
Brumley Brae/Loch Earn/Lochiel's awa' to France/Gillan's Reel
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Reel of Seven R32 8 1/4
Brumley Brae/Celtic Thunder/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/The Road to Errogie
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie The Deirdre Adamson Quartet R32 8 1/4 Brumley Brae/The Sally Gardens/Trip to Windsor/The Hesleyside Reel
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie R323/4L Rosi Betsche
Owen's First Birthday Owen's First Birthday R323/4L Ron Hankes
Tilted Kirk, The The Tilted Kirk R324/4L Tom Hall