Album Caledonian Muse 504

Short name
Caledonian Muse
Recorded by
Terpsichore (2005)
  • CD: HBT005 (2005)
1 Luckenbooth Brooch Terpsichore J32 84:48 36.0
The Weaver and His Wife/Aunt Mary's Canadian Jig/Dilbert's Jig
2 Fireside Reel Terpsichore R32 84:49 36.1
The Peat Fire Flame/Link him Dodie/Battle of the Boyne/The Breakdown
3 Monymusk Terpsichore S32 88:13 61.6
Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk/Alasdair MacAlister/Rothiemurchus Rant/Ruffians Rant
4 Mrs Stewart's Jig Terpsichore J32 84:48 36.0
Captain Charles Stewart's Jigg/Lord Alexander Russell's Jig/The Earl of Morton's Jig/Captain William MacLeod's Fancy
5 Suitable for The Minister on the Loch Terpsichore S32 33:16 65.3
Mr Robert Mackay of Edinburgh/North of the Grampians/Mr Patrick Duff's Favourite
6 The Duke of Perth Terpsichore R32 84:44 35.5
Duke of Perth/The Lass o' Patie's Mill/Prince Charlie/Miss Andy Campbell's Scotch Measure
7 Encore Duke of Perth Terpsichore R32 42:27 36.8
Bridge of Bamore/Rise Ye Lazy Lubber/I Winna Gae to Bed unitl I'm Married/Duke of Perth
8 Catherine's Waltz Terpsichore W2:45 0
Catherine's Waltz
9 Pelorus Jack Terpsichore J32 84:47 35.9
Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel/Lessley House Quickstep/Windmill Bastion/Lord Drighorn's Reel
10 Bedrule Terpsichore S32 88:28 63.5
The Annandale Strathspey/The Mill Mill O'/But and Ben/Sweetness of Mary
11 Montgomerie's Rant Terpsichore R32 84:41 35.1
Lady Montgomerie/Miss Flora's Favourite/West Mabou/Paddy on the Turnpike
12 Set of Strathspeys Terpsichore S32 44:15 63.8
Miss Jenny Elliot's Strathspey/Miss Johnstone of Lathrisk/Lady Louisa Gordon
13 Suitable for the Barmkin Terpsichore R88 11:45 38.2
Lord John Scott/Return from India
14 John Hay's Bonnie Lassie Terpsichore W0:00 0
John Hay's Bonny Lassie