Album 75th Anniversary of London Branch 511

Short name
London 75
Recorded by
Various Artists (2006)
  • CD: LBCD0601 (2006)
1 Argyll is my Name Neil Esslemont J32 84:50 36.2
Argyll is my Name/Angus MacKinnon/Dornoch Highland Gathering/Mrs Lily Christie/Double Rise
2 The First of September David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band R32 42:25 36.2
Sandy Nixon's Compliments to Dave and Judy Hall/Lord Saltoun/Donald Stewart (The Piper)/Alex Soane's Reel
3 The White Rose of Scotland David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band S32 88:13 61.6
Miss Margaret Grant of Catrine/John Robertson/The Back of Catterthin/Luss Road
4 Nacton Hall David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band R40 85:49 34.9
Nacton Hall/Bobby Watson/Lochiel House/The Key of the Door
5 The Dancing Master Green Ginger J96 11:51 37.0
The Dancingmaster/A Visit to Ireland
6 Tom's Friends Green Ginger S96 13:18 66.0
Steele of Dornoch/Blackfriars Hall/Susan & Alan Carr
7 The Merry Uplanders Frank Reid and his Band J32 63:30 35.0
The Merry Uplanders/My Friend Franz/Wroxham Bridge
8 Golden Harvest Frank Reid and his Band S32 44:13 63.2
Golden Harvest/John Stephen of Chance Inn/Mrs Adie/The Cheviot Gate
9 All for Mary Invercauld Scottish Dance Band R32 84:40 35.0
Stack of Cards/Bardon Mill/Da Fairy Reel/Tynecastle Park
10 Bydand Invercauld Scottish Dance Band S32 88:18 62.2
Willie's awa'/Invercauld's Strathspey/Marchioness of Huntly/Marquis of Huntly New Strathspey
11 The Jubilee Line Kafoozalum R48 86:51 34.2
Westwood Reel/Kemnay House/Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy/Highland Diamond
12 Miss McLean of Inverness Kafoozalum S32 44:19 64.8
Oor Mary/The Highland Society of Scotland/The Lonach Highlanders/The Birks of Delhandy
13 London Reel Smith, Judith & Young, Angela R32 84:37 34.6
Poldwilly Bridge/Corriechoille/Pretty Peggy/Angus Campbell