Album Book 24, Twelve Scottish Country Dances 870

Short name
Recorded by
Muriel Johnstone's Band (1998)
  • CD: RSCDS CD012 (1998)
  • MC: TC RSCDS 58 (1998)
1 The Scotch Circle Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 52:59 35.8
Lady Erskine/The Pitnacree Ferryman/The Oyster Wives' Rant/The Dean Brig Reel
2 Balquidder Strathspey Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 88:24 63.0
Mr Oswald (of Auchencruive)/Welcome to Hamilton House/Miss Douglas's Strathspey/McLaughlin's Strathspey
3 The Wild Geese Muriel Johnstone's Band J32 84:43 35.4
Mrs MacPherson of Cluny/The Craigellachie Lasses/Sir John Henderson/Ayr Races
4 The Sailor Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 84:45 35.6
The Davy Hornpipe/Harry Picken's Hornpipe/Qumdaro/Quarter Deck
5 Saint Andrew's Day Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 84:43 35.4
Vale of Leven/Cloudy Morning/Frank and Maureen Robb/Jack Delaney
6 Oh, Whistle and I'll Come tae Ye, My Lad Muriel Johnstone's Band J32 84:45 35.6
Borowlaski's Fancy/Charles Duff's Compliments to his Brother/Lady Louisa Russell's Jig/Miss Frances Urquhart/Oh Whistle and I'll come tae ye
7 I Canna Buckle To Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 88:25 63.1
Alloa Kirk/Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive's New Strathspey/The Earl of Haddington/The Witches Hill
8 The Hollin Buss Muriel Johnstone's Band J32 84:47 35.9
Farewell to the Tay/The Glasgow Gaelic Club/Jim Anderson's Delight/Sron MacIlleathain
9 The Duke He was a Bonnie Beau Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 84:43 35.4
Birkhall/A Dhomhnuill, A Dhomhnuill/Miss Wilhelmina McDowal's Reel of Ardnilly/Fishers Wedding
10 The Campbells Are Coming Muriel Johnstone's Band J32 53:01 36.2
A Quickstep by the Duke of Gordon/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Nancy Dick's Favourite/The Campbells are coming
11 Adieu Mon Ami Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 88:22 62.8
Miss Margaret Gordon/Earl Gaddis/Manderston House/Miss Gibson
12 The Mairrit Man's Favourite Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 84:39 34.9
The Apple Tree/Jackie Coleman's Reel/Callum Donaldson/Catchin' Rabbits