Tune Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel 4828

Also known as “Miss Russel of Blackhall's Reel”.

Composed by
Robert Mackintosh

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Birls Allowed Birls Allowed The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4 Mary MacKechnie/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Dr James Hamilton's Reel/Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel
Campbells Are Coming, The The Campbells Are Coming Muriel Johnstone's Band J32 5 2/4
A Quickstep by the Duke of Gordon/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Nancy Dick's Favourite/The Campbells are coming
Chequered Court, The The Chequered Court James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4 Lady Charlotte Murray/Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel/Miss Trotter of Castlelaw's Reel/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel
Follow Me Home Follow Me Home Terpsichore J32 8 2/4 Miss Catherine Stewart, Pettyvaich/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Jane Douglas/Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw's Hornpipe
Joie de Vivre Joie de Vivre Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4 Anderson's Jig/Little Pickle/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Isaac Forsyth-Elgin
Jubilee Jig, The The Jubilee Jig Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4
Miss Gordon of Liverpool/Mrs John Clark's Delight/The Belfast Almanac/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel
Machine Without Horses, The The Machine Without Horses The Colin Dewar Quartet J32 8 3/4 The Machine without Horses/Ian and Ishbel Crichton/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/The Man From North Connel
Maid Of The Mill, The The Maid Of The Mill Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith J40 8 2/4
The Maid of the Mill/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Mrs Grant of Laggan's Favourite/Upham Park Road
Mr Morrison Mr Morrison Jennifer Wilson J32 8 5/8
Mr Morison of Bognie/Isla Neuk/Miss White's Jig/Lord Drighorn's Reel/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Mr Peter Duff's Favourite/Miss Graham of Park/Miss Hannah of Elgin
Phaeton, The The Phaeton Bluebell SCD Trio J128 1 3/3 Lisa Krause/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel
Siege of Ennis, The The Siege of Ennis The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4 Miss Finlay's Delight/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/A Lad o' Pairts/Drummond Castle
Speirs Bruce - The Pole Star Speirs Bruce - The Pole Star Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4
Speirs Bruce - The Pole Star/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Trotter of Castlelaw's Reel/Miss Ann Douglas Brigton's Jig