Album To Be A Wind 895

Short name
To Be A Wind
Recorded by
Fred Moyes (2009)
  • CD: FM003 (2009)
1 Bluebell Flowers Fred Moyes M112 13:12 54.9
The Devil's Elbow/Rosemary Baird's Farewell to Prince George/Willie Davie/Nakano Hornpipe
2 The Bluebell Reel Fred Moyes R32 84:40 35.0
Bluebell Reel/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/Spring Chicken/Hugh Brown SSPE/Aiken Drum/Pumpkin Man/The Hopeful Lover
3 The Canberra Bluebell Fred Moyes S80 12:42 64.8
On the Moraine/Craigendoran/Auld Luckie
4 Celebration Reel Fred Moyes R32 84:40 35.0
Celebration Reel/Babes in the Wood/Teribus/Ballingluig/The Meeting of the Waters
5 Cherry Blossoms Fred Moyes S32 44:16 64.0
6 Chrysanthemum Fred Moyes R96 12:51 57.0
The Natal Day/Braes of Gleniffer/Kiku
7 Highland Games Medley Fred Moyes M96 12:16 45.3
Sun on Schiehallion/Hiro's High Cuts/Ginger Snaps
8 A Jig for Yukio Fred Moyes J40 32:11 34.9
The Bramble Jig/Edmund Mackenzie of Plockton/Belfast Ham
9 Kindred Spirits Fred Moyes R32 42:21 35.2
Gathering Bluebells/Miss Campbell/The Rakes of Mallow
10 Lady of Tokai Fred Moyes S32 44:04 61.0
Lady of Tokai/Lady Ann Hope/Doon the Burn, Davie Lad/Cathkin Braes
11 MacDonald of the Eastern Isles Fred Moyes S32 33:07 62.3
MacDonald of the Eastern Isles/Rose among the Heather/The Thistle
12 Mist on the Mountain Fred Moyes S32 88:31 63.9
The Froggy Pond/The Iron Man/Stirling Castle/The Spital of Glenshee
13 The Rampant Unicorn Jig Fred Moyes J32 84:35 34.4
Carillon Bleu/Miss Stewart of Bombay/The Drunken Parson/Farmer's Jamboree/The Devil in Dublin/Major Mackie/Captain White
14 The Rampant Unicorn Strathspey Fred Moyes S32 88:06 60.8
Sea Change/Kinlochmore/Mrs Jane Chapman/Loudon's Bonnie Woods
15 To Be a Wind Fred Moyes J32 52:55 35.0
To Be a Wind/Banjo Breakdown/The Family Pride/Creag Dhu