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Blue Mess Jacket, The The Blue Mess Jacket Ian Cruickshanks and his Band S32 4 2/4 Squadron Leader Douglas Henderson/Auld Luckie/Miss Betsy Robertson/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman
Braes of Breadalbane, The The Braes of Breadalbane Reel of Seven S32 8 3/4
The Braes of Breadalbane/Niel Gow's Second Wife/Auld Luckie/Duncan Davidson
Canberra Bluebell, The The Canberra Bluebell Fred Moyes S80 1 3/3
On the Moraine/Craigendoran/Auld Luckie
Candy Floss Candy Floss Peter Elmes' Scottish Country Dance Band S32 8 3/4 Niel Gow's Recovery/Lady Lucy Ramsay/Auld Luckie/Mrs Garden of Troup
Cape Town Wedding Cape Town Wedding Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band S32 8 2/4
Mr Dolph Morris' Strathspey/Auld Luckie/Lady Spencer Chichester/Ca' Hawkie through the Water
Cape Town Wedding Cape Town Wedding Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 5/8
Mr Dolph Morris' Strathspey/Archduke John of Austria/Margaret's Fancy/Lady Spencer Chichester/Auld Luckie/Mrs Garden of Troup/Master Francis Sitwell/John Stephen of Chance Inn
Dalkeith's Strathspey Dalkeith's Strathspey Alasdair Fraser & Muriel Johnstone S32 8 4/4
Dalkeith's Strathspey/The Lass o' Corrie Mill/Lady Charlotte Campbell's Strathspey/Auld Luckie
Dance for Dulcie, A A Dance for Dulcie Ceol na h-Alba S32 2 2/2
Miss Douglas/Auld Luckie
Dundee Whaler, The The Dundee Whaler Fred Moyes S32 4 2/3 The Piper of Dundee/Auld Luckie/Craigendoran
Earl of Home, The The Earl of Home John MacDonald S32 8 4/5 The Earl of Home/Stirling Castle/Tom's Highland Fling/Auld Luckie/Cameron's Got his Wife Again
Glasgow Country Dance Glasgow Country Dance Olympians Scottish Dance Band M32 4 3/4 Miss Milligan/William B Cunningham/Auld Luckie/Lucky Scaup
Hame Came Our Gudeman Hame Came Our Gudeman Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 2/4
Hame Came Our Gudeman/Auld Luckie/Lord Lyndoch/The Thistle
Iona Cross Iona Cross Ceol na h-Alba M192 1 1/6 Auld Luckie/Misses Farrell of Alloa/Mrs B. Jolly/Willie Anderson of Dalharn/Lay Dee at Dee/Itchy Fingers
Jimmy's Fancy Jimmy's Fancy Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band S32 4 3/4 Lord Seaforth/Blin' Jamie/Auld Luckie/Duke of Montrose
Lucy of Lammermoor Lucy of Lammermoor Peter White and his Scottish Dance Band S48 4 3/3
The Auld Toon o' Ayr/Mrs Jean Littlejohn's Strathspey/Auld Luckie
MacDonald of the Isles MacDonald of the Isles Rob Gordon and his Band S32 3 2/3 Mrs Rob Gordon/Auld Luckie/Niel Gow's Wife
Margaret Parker's Strathspey Margaret Parker's Strathspey Rob Gordon and his Band S32 8 4/4 Prince Albert's Strathspey/Doon the Burn, Davie Lad/The Thistle/Auld Luckie
Middleton Medley, The The Middleton Medley The Craigellachie Band M32 8 7/8
Tarholm Brig/Craighall/Mackenzie Hay/The Dandy Dancer/The Bobby Harvey Strathspey/Bonnie Cluden Mill/Auld Luckie/The Maid on the Green
Moment Of Truth Moment Of Truth David Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 6/8
Miss Erskine of Torry/Scotch Mist/Niel Gow/John Robertson/The Duke of Edinburgh/Auld Luckie/Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/Alan Maxwell's Farewell to Balmerino
Monymusk Monymusk Charlie Jemmett and His Band S32 8 3/3 Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk/J.M.Duthie/Auld Luckie
Monymusk Monymusk Alastair Hunter & his Caledonian Ceilidh Band S32 4 3/4 Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk/Mackenzie Hay/Auld Luckie/Ruthven House
Monymusk Monymusk Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 6/7 Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk/Lady Carmichael/Miss Stewart/Jessie Smith/Lord Lyndoch/Auld Luckie/Loudon's Bonnie Woods
Nae Luck aboot the Hoose Nae Luck aboot the Hoose Charlie Kirkpatrick and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 3/4 There's Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose/The Duchess of Hamilton/Auld Luckie/Colonel Byng's Favourite
Quiet Achiever, The The Quiet Achiever The Black Bear Duo M32 8 3/16 Isabel Muir's Strathspey/Andy Muir's Reel/Auld Luckie/Lucky Scaup/The Boatie Rows/Roxburgh Castle/Fill Your Glasses/Bonnie Banchory/Miss Jessie Smith/Sleepy Maggie/Highland Whisky/Mrs MacLeod of Gesto/'S ioma rud tha dhidh orm/Angus Cameron o' Kirrie/The Piper of Drummond/Clean Pease Strae
Shepherd's Crook, The The Shepherd's Crook David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/4
Dunkeld Bridge/Mrs Adie/The Bobby Harvey Strathspey/Auld Luckie
Silver Tassie, The The Silver Tassie Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/8
Lady Charlotte Campbell (strathspey)/Lady Lucy Ramsay/Miss Doreen Lambert/Auld Luckie/Stewart and Chris Adam/Sarona/John Peel/Glencoe
Sir Murdoch Macdonald's Strathspey Sir Murdoch Macdonald's Strathspey Alastair Wood and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 2/4
Bonnie Lossie/Auld Luckie/Allan Currie of Monifieth/Craigroyal Strathspey
Strathspey Medley Strathspey Medley Jimmy Shand and his Band S32 8 2/4 The Braes of Breadalbane/Auld Luckie/Niel Gow's Second Wife/Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Miss Milligan
Sugar Candie Sugar Candie The Scotsmen S32 8 4/4 The Earl of Angus and Arran/Lady Lucy Ramsay/Bonnie Bessie Lee/Auld Luckie
Tartan Plaidie Tartan Plaidie Colin Finlayson and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 3/3
Tartan Plaidie/The Wee Pug/Auld Luckie
Trysting Place, The The Trysting Place Jim MacLeod and his Band S32 8 4/4 The Duchess of Gordon's New Strathspey/John McAlpine/Mrs Garden of Troup/Auld Luckie
Another Edinburgh Fancy Another Edinburgh Fancy S403/4L John Drewry
Salute to Craigie Church SCD Class, A A Salute to Craigie Church SCD Class S324/4L John Robertson
Sunshine Sally Sunshine Sally S324/4L Chris Ronald
Ann's Joy Ann's Joy S323/4L John Drewry
Auchendean Auchendean S323/4L John Drewry
Auld Luckie Scaup Auld Luckie Scaup M324/4L John W Mitchell
Bonnie Glenshee Bonnie Glenshee M1204S James B Cosh
Earl of Arran, The The Earl of Arran S323/4L Iain Boyd
Earl of Ulster Medley, The The Earl of Ulster Medley M963T Dorothy Bell
Glen Devon Glen Devon S323/4L John Drewry
From The Court To The Cottage From The Court To The Cottage M323/4L Iain Boyd
Auld Luckie Auld Luckie S323/4L John Drewry