Album The Old Scottish Dance Bands Vol 1 943

Short name
Old Bands 1
Recorded by
Various Artists (2009)
  • CD: SDP05 (2009)
1 Lady Sophia Anne of Bute Rob Gordon and his Band R48 43:20 33.3
The Deveron Reel/Let us Dance and Sing/Drumleys/Goodnight, Joy Be Wi' You
2 The Deuks Dang Ow're My Daddie Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen J40 85:32 33.2
The Merry Girls of Dublin/Money in Both Pockets/The De'ils Awa'
3 Flowers of Edinburgh Hamish MacPherson and his Band R32 84:41 35.1
The Flowers of Edinburgh/Hamlet/Piper o' Dundee/Traditional Air
4 Waltz Jim Cameron and his Scottish Dance Band W2:55 0
The Links of Love
5 Petronella Chalmers Wood R32 42:24 36.0
Petronella/The Persian Dance/Chester Castle
6 Highland Scottische George Bell and his Band S162:20 0
Kafoozalum/The Road to the Isles/Orange and Blue
7 La TempĂȘte The Alastair Downie Band R48 44:01 40.2
La TempĂȘte/The Blooms of Bon Accord/Waves of Tory
8 Waltz Medley Jimmy Shand and his Band W2:27 0
The K.O.S. Bies/The H.L.I./The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders/The Black Watch
9 The Linton Ploughman Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band J32 52:36 31.2
The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/The Glasgow Gaelic Club
10 Military Two Step Jim Johnstone and his Band X161:57 0
Jeannie McColl/Scotsmen Every One/The Waggle o' the Kilt/It's nice to get up in the morning
11 Pride of Erin Waltz Jim MacLeod and his Band W322:31 0
Bonnie Boy/Believe Me, If All those Enduring Young Charms/My Irish Jaunting Car
12 Irish Reels suitable for Irish Rover Gregor MacKay and his Band R32 84:18 32.2
The Irish Rover/Sean's Air/Traditional Air/Traditional Air
13 White Heather Jig Jim Nicholson and his Band J40 42:37 31.4
The White Heather Jig
14 Gay Gordons Ian Holmes and his Band X162:56 0
The Australian Ladies/The Hills of Perth/Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow
15 Scottish Waltz Johnny MacLeod's Scottish Country Dance Band W5:12 0
The Northern Lights of Aberdeen/Leaving Stornoway/Cailin Mo Ruin-sa
16 Roxburgh Castle Reel Gordon McCullough and his Scottish Dance Band R32 84:51 36.4
Roxburgh Castle/Miss Kitty Ahearne of Ferrybank/Miss Robertson's Reel/Miss Johnstone's Reel
17 The Eightsome Reel Tim Wright and his Scottish Dance Band R464 17:38 31.6
The High Road to Linton/The Wind that Shakes the Barley/The Mason's Apron/Rachel Rae/Deil Amangst the Tailors/The Drummer