Dance The Award of Scroll 12140

Reel · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Ann Campbell (1997)
800/844/888/844 = 50% (whole dance)
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Devised in honour of Jim ...

Devised in honour of Jim Stephens, a former teacher of the St. Andrew’s of Brampton Scottish Country Dance group, who received the Award of Scroll for services to the R.S.C.D.S. on November 8, 1997.

The Award of Scroll 3/4L · R32

1c cast off (2c up) | cross RH ; cast up to top | dance down to 2pl centre (2,1x,3)
1M+2W+3W LHA while 1W+2M+3H RHA ; 1c dance down | cast up round 3c to 2plx (2,1x,3)
2c+1M & 1W+3c RHA, pass P RSh ; 2c+1W & 1M+3c LHA (2,1x,3)
1c ½ Fig8 R round 3cnrs ; all turn P RH (2,1,3)

The Award of Scroll 3/4L · R32

1s cast (2s step up), cross RH; 1s cast up to top, meet & dance down NHJ to 2nd place in centre
1M+2L+3L dance LH across while 1L+2M+3M dance RH across; 1s dance down & cast up to 2nd place opp side
1M+2s at top & 1L+3s at bottom dance RH across, 1s pass RSh & dance LH across with other couple
1s dance 1/2 Fig 8 (1M up round 2s,1L down round 3s); 2s+1s +3s turn partner RH

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