Dance Animal Magic 14583

Reel · 64 bars · 4 couples (3x,4x) · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2143)

Devised by
Alasdair Brown
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Slip-Step
Published in
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Animal Magic 4/4L · R64

2 chords; 3C and 4C cross on 2nd chord

1C and 4C fig of 8 through 2C and 3C (1C cross through 2C cast round 3C, cross up through 3C, cast up round 2C. 4C cross up through 3C cast up round 2C, cross down through 2C, cast down round 3C. W in front of M.)
1C+2C and 3C+4C Slip Knot
17- 24
1C and 4C Petronella Turn (finish 1M & 4M B to B in middle of set) and Set (2C+3C square off diamond on 19-20); 1C+2C and 3C+4C RHA
All Weasel Reels (at end of reel 1M+4M 1/2 LH turn to finish 1M facing 2Ms place and 4M facing 3Ws place)
1C+4C dance Rsh round the next person in their diamond to chance place with Partner (1M round 2M, 1W round 2W, 4M round 3M, 4W round 3W); 1C and 4C turn RH 1 1/4 (finish 4W+1M facing down on W side, 1W+4M facing up on M side, M are behind W), 2C+3C step up/down on 39-40
4W & 1M Rsh Tandem reel of 3 with 2W & 3M while 1W & 4M Tandem reel of 3 with 2M & 3W (finish 4W+1M and 1W+4M on side face P NH joined)
1C+4C dance set and link 
 (M finish on ends of line of 4 across dance, W dance 1/2 LH turn to finish facing P in middle of set, 1W & 4W BtoB); 1C+4C 1/2 reel of 4 (W looping to finish opposite P across set. Order 2143)
Circle 8H round to the left for 6 steps, pivot & chase back to places.

Weasel Reels:

1W+4W 1/2 reel 4, then chase back CW to where started reel.
3M+2M chase CW to end of reel, 1/2 reel 4, then chase back CW to where started.
3W+2W chase CW to end of reel, 1/2 reel 4, then chase back CW to where started.
1M+4M pass Rsh with Partner, chase CW to other end of reel, enter reel passing Rsh at end, then 1M+4M pass Lsh in middle.

(People leaving reel dance out in front of people joining)

Sorry, this browser doesn't seem to do SVG graphics :^(

NameDateOwnerLast changed
White Rose Festival 2015 Demonstration Dances 2015-07-11 Catherine Livsey Dec. 31, 2014, 5:27 p.m.

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