Dance Quarries' Procession 16887

Reel · 40 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 3142)

Devised by
Murrough Landon (2015)
8008/8888/8884/8668/8228 = 77% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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A challenging farewell for David ...

A challenging farewell for David and Avril Quarrie on the occasion of their moving from Geneva back to the Hamburg area where they first met.

Notes from the book:

The dance includes St Andrews and St Georges cross figures, then the 1st couple make a metaphorical procession around the four corners of the globe dancing with various people for a while and then moving on to a new corner. This is supposed to reflect the Scottish and English backgrounds of Avril and David respectively and their successive sojourns in or near Hamburg (the centre) then Virginia, Chicago, San Francisco, Geneva and finally returning to Hamburg, continually meeting new friends but sadly leaving old ones behind - after the old friends have been trained up to be better dancers!

The dance starts with a little broken symmetry, appropriate for a particle physicist, as the men and women do something slightly different and it ends with the 1st couple finally getting to dance more with each other, turning RH into retirement to their new home in 2nd place while their most recent friends, the 4s, spiral out singly to 3rd place.

Quarries' Procession 4/4L · R40

1c+4c cross RH | cast inwards, M 2 places passing Rsh ; 1c+4c set | ½ LHA to St Andrew's cross
BiL | ½ RH turn and move on 1/8 place to St George's cross ; BiL | 1c+2W/3M ½ RH turn into prom hold, 1c on L facing 3rd cnr pos while{2} 4c+2M/3W ½ RH turn to lines across
½ Rsh reel3 across to 1c+2W/3M facing 4th cnr pos ; 1c LHA changing prom partner to 3W/2M, 1c still on L facing 1st cnr pos
½ Rsh reel3 across to 1c+3W/2M facing 2nd cnr pos ; 1c LHA end in centre RH across with P and 4c RH up/down with P
1c+4c ½ RHA | 1c RH turn moving up while{4} 4c spiral around them to (3,1,4,2) | all set

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Murrough Landon
Added on: March 1, 2016, 11:53 a.m.
Quality: Reasonable

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