Dance Dovecote Park 19506

Jig · 32 bars · 5 couples · Longwise - 5   (Progression: 24531)

Devised by
Rod Downey (2018)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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Devised 20 October 2018. Revised ...

Devised 20 October 2018. Revised 13 November 2018. Written for the recording of a 5 by 32 J of the same name by Jim Cameron and his band (Jim Cameron and his Scottish Band Vol. 2) for which I could find no written dance. The set they use is excellent. Dovecote Park (James Braidwood), Midlothian Pipe Band (F Beaton), and The Quaker (Trad). As best I can tell, the organization is 64 bars of Dovecote Park, Midlothian Pipe Band repeated twice and The Quaker once.

Given that this is not a widely known (nor owned) recording, acceptable alternative recorded music would include (preferably) the Muriel Johnston 5×32 recording of ”The Campbells are Coming” in the Society’s recording of Music for Book 24, and alternatively any good recording of Airie Bennan (e.g. Ron Gonella, Caber Feidh, Peter White, or McBain), or finally if you lack such ancient recordings, the society’s recording of ”Vintage Simon” would work at a pinch.

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