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Dance Ready Aye Ready 20801

Reel · 32 bars · 5 couples · Square   (Progression: 53412)

Devised by
Sarah Horne and Judy Grimsey
88888/80008/88888/42442 = 65% (whole dance)
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Recommended Music
Ready Aye Ready Ewan Galloway Ship Ahoy! CD 5 R32 53:09 37.8
Ready Aye Ready 5S · R32

Square set with 5s in centre, 5M back to 4s, 5L back to 2s

1s+2s+3s+4s chase clockwise round back to place while 5s turn RH & turn LH finishing facing 1s
5s dance out between 1s, separate & cast, dance through centre, round 3s (1L RSh round 3L, 1M LSh round 3M) & into centre again
5L+2s dance RH across, 5M+4s dance LH across while 1s & 3s turn partner RH
5L+1s & 5M+3s dance RH across while 2s & 4s turn partner RH. End 5s facing 1s, all 5 couples take prom hold
5s+1s change places passing RSh, 1s+4s, 4s+3s, 3s+2s change places similarly. End 2s in centre facing new top couple

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Twice through.

Added on: 2022-05-10 (sarah horne)
Quality: Good

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Montrose scd Xmas 2022 2022-12-14 Mark Hagger Nov. 29, 2022, 5 p.m.
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