Dance The Long Chase 3912

Reel · 64 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4

Devised by
Unknown (1805)
no bar count made = 64% (1 turn), 64% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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The Long Chase 4/4L · R64

1c followed by 2c+3c+4c cast off and lead up the middle to places
1c lead down the middle and cast back to places
4c lead up the middle to 1pl and cast back to places
1c+2c & 3c+4c RHA ; clap and LHA, 1c+2c stay in middle for
1c+2c Allemande (2,1,3,4)
All turn RH ; turn LH
1c dance up one pl NHJ and cast off to 1cnr (2c up) ; set to 1cnr | set to 2cnr
Reels3{6} on the sides, Rsh to 2cnr | 1c cross to 2pl (2,1,3,4)

On the alternate turns of the dance:
bars [1-24] are danced as described.
On [25-32] the middle C dance RHA; LHA while top and bottom C turn RH ; LH.
On [33-40] the middle C dance the Allemande.
The set finishes (2,3,1,4); 1c steps to (2,3,4,1), making this a dance 8 x 64 !
Frans Ligtmans of Eindhoven modified it to 4 x 64 times through by these two changes:
[49-52] 1c long cast (2c+3c up) to between 3c and 4c, facing 1cnr.
[63-64] 1c cross to 4pl (4c up) (to 2,3,4,1)

The Long Chase 4/4L · R64

Top couple followed by other 3 couples cast to bottom & lead back up to top
Top couple lead down to bottom & cast up to top on own sides
Bottom couple lead up to top & cast to 4th places
Top 2 couples also bottom 2 couples dance RH across, clap & dance LH across back to places (2nd time - middle couples dance RH/LH while end couples turn RH/LH)
1s+2s (top 2 couples) dance Allemande (2nd time - middle couples dance Allemande)
All turn RH then LH
1s lead up 1 place & cast 1 place to face 1st corners, 1s set to 1st corners then set to 2nd corners
1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving RSh to 2nd corners & cross to 2nd place

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