Dance Rudha Dubh 5765

Reel · 48 bars · 2 couples · Longwise - 4

Devised by
Helen L Wood
66 66 44 88 88 88 = 83% (1 turn), 57% (whole dance)
  • Ladies' Chain (LCHAIN)
  • Poussette - standard (POUSS;PV;)
  • Note: Due to limitations in the underlying data, the relative order of formations in this list may be different from the order of formations in the actual dance.
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
  • Note: This list may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
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Extra info
The title "Rudha Dubh" means ...

The title "Rudha Dubh" means something like Dark Headland or Black Point (from gaelic Rudha and also "Rubha": headland, promontory, point [of land] and dubh meaning dark or black - rf. Carmichael et al., 2014, Gaelic Place Names of Arrochar Parish).

It remains unclear which "Rudha Dubh" is referred to, because the dance description does not specify a specific one.

There are several places named Rudha Dubh throughout Scotland like on the coast of the Isle of Islay near Lower Killeyan, a small promontory on the north-west corner of Isle of Bute, another on the East cost of the Isle of Tiree, one with a lighthouse built on near Scalasaig on the Isle of Colonsay, or the Black Point jutting into Loch Grunabhat.

A famous one involves the SS Politician which ran aground the cliffs of Rudha Dubh at island of South Uist in the Sound of Eriskay in 1941 with a cargo including 28000 cases of malt whisky. This event gave the inspiration for the novel "Whisky Galore" and the movie "Whisky Galore!".

Rudha Dubh 2/4L · R48

1W+2W NHJ set advancing {2}, turn P BH {4}, set retiring {2}
1M+2M repeat
1M+2W set and change places RH ; 2W+2M repeat LH (2M finishes facing out)
1c+2c L-Chain
2c followed by 1c (Men on L) dance down the middle, on 4th bar the W dance under P's arm ; all dance up
1c+2c Poussette (2,1)

Rudha Dubh 2/4L · R48

1L+2L set advancing, turn partner 2H & retire
1M+2M repeat above Fig
1M+2L set & change places RH, 2L+2M set & change places LH on side
1s+2s dance Ladies' Chain
2s followed by 1s dance down, 1/2 turn (Lady under Man's arm) & 1s+2s lead back
1s+2s dance Poussette

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