Dance Two Of The Best 6823

Jig · 96 bars · 4 couples · Square   (Progression: OnceOnly)

Devised by
Ann Dix (1990)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
Published in
Recommended Music
Two of the Best The Craigellachie Band Reel Friends MC 3 J961:44 34.7 [S] Stoneypath Tower/Anne Fraser MacKenzie/Mrs Ross

Two Of The Best 4S · J96

1s & 3s set to opp person, change places RH (in middle), set again & Ladies turn right to end in own places while Men end in each others place
2s & 4s repeat
1s+3s 1/2 Ladies' Chain, 2s+4s 1/2 Ladies' Chain
All dance 1/2 Grand Chain (RH to corners), all promenade anticlockwise to end opposite original prtns with Ladies in centre facing partners
All petronella turn to Men in centre facing anticlockwise & Ladies facing clockwise on outside
Ladies dance 1/4 round while Men dance 1/2 LH across, all 1/2 turn new partner & Men dance 1/4 round while Ladies dance 1/2 LH across, all 1/2 turn new partners (Ladies into centre)
Repeat with Ladies ending on partners right in square formation
Men dance in front of partner, behind next Lady to opposite place, Ladies dance in front of their new partner, behind next Man to partner's right
Repeat bars 1-32

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