Dance The Border Barque 694

Strathspey · 40 bars · 4 couples (3x,4x) · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 3142)

Devised by
Barry Priddey
8888 0880 0880 4884 8888 = 75% (1 turn), 75% (whole dance)
  • Glasgow Highlanders, Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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The Border Barque 4/4L · S40

3c+4c start on opposite sides (1,2,3x,4x)

All set, 1c+4c cross over RH while{2} 2c+3c ½ RHA ; all set and cross over RH (1,3x,2,4x)
3c+2c circle4 L ; set | turn RH to finish in the centre in Allemande hold facing the other couple
3c+2c Glasgow Highland step to R and L ; with the M keeping L shoulders close Promenade cclw once & face »2cnr«.
1W+2c & 3c+4W pass Lsh, 2c+3c dance round corner position while{4} 1W+4W turn LH in the middle ‑ and passing corners and other couple Lsh again return to the middle ; repeat 1M+3c & 2c+4M to finish, 2c above and facing 3c, as 1c+4c step in facing the nearest end for :
1c+3c Allemande up, 2c+4c Allemande down (3,1,4x,2x)

The Border Barque 4/4L · S40

3s & 4s on opp sides

All set, 1s & 4s cross RH while 2s+3s dance 1/2 RH across, all set & cross back RH
3s+2s dance 4H round to left, set & turn partner RH into prom hold facing each other
3s+2s set (Glasgow Highlanders step), dancing forward (diag to right) to form a line across & wheel round anticlockwise 3/4 to line up/down set
3s & 2s in prom hold dance LSh Pass+Turn with 2nd corners & pass LSh to face 1st corners, LSh Pass+Turn with 1st corners to end in original order in Allemande hold 1s facing up, 2s facing 3s & 4s facing up
1s+3s dance Allemande up while 2s+4s dance Allemande down (2s & 3s pass LSh) to end 3 1 (4) (2)

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