Dance 14/12 9812

Also known as “Fourteen/Twelve” (spelling).

Reel · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Alan Paterson (2001)
888/844/800/888 = 75% (1 turn), 56% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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Devised to teach pas-de-basque with ...

Devised to teach pas-de-basque with changes to and from skip-change. The name refers to the number of setting steps for 1c/ the others.

The dance was originally published on Internet, but the site no longer exists (now resuscitated at Here is the original text.


by Alan Paterson

3 couple Reel for a 4-couple set

Care to pas-de-basque?


1 - 8 1st 2nd and 3rd couples petronella into the centre (to form a line up-and-down) and set. Turn partner 3/4 by the right hand to opposite sides, take hands and set.

9 - 16 1st and 2nd couples continue to set once, then dance 1/2 right hands across. 1st and 3rd couples take hands and set, then also dance 1/2 right hands across. (2nd and 3rd couples are now back on own sides in 1st and 2nd places. 1s are in 3rd place on opposite sides)

17 - 22 1st couple cast up one place, dance in to meet, take nearer hands, dance up between the 2s, then cast to 2nd place (still on opposite sides). 3rd couple step down on bars 17-18.

23 - 24 1st couple, while setting in place, pull right shoulder back to face out.

25 - 30 1st couple cast round to their right, cross with each other, giving right hands, up and down the centre of the set, cast out to their left (own sides) while 2nd and 3rd man and also 2nd and 3rd ladies, change places giving right hands, set to each other, and change back, again giving right hands.

31 - 32 All take hands and set.

Repeat having passed a couple.

Recommended tune: Jack's Delight (trad). A recording can be found on David Cunningham's Silver Thistle album - track 'The Silver Thistle'.

This dance was devised 30 March 2001 to fill the need of teaching pas-de-basque with changes to and from skip-change.


  1. Bars 15-16. Yes, I appreciate that some might want to dance left-hands across. This is just me being perverse.

  2. Bars 23-24. While gazing enchantingly at one another of course.

  3. My wife points out that no-one uses their left hands at all in this dance. I felt that the dancers had enough to think about. Feel free to change this if you prefer.

  4. The name? Seems obvious to me, but, as yet, no-one has worked it out. There is a clue in the text somewhere.

14/12 3/4L · R32

1c+2c+3c petronella to centre line | set ; turn P ¾RH | set. (1x,2x,3x)
1c+2c set | ½ RHA ; 1c+3c set | ½ RHA (2,3,1x)
1c cast up (3c down), dance to top NHJ and cast off | 1c set pulling Rsh back to face out. (2,1x,3)
1c cast R, cross RH up/down ; cast to L to 2pl while{6} 2M+3M & 2W+3W change places RH | set up/down ; change back RH. | 2c+1c+3c set

14/12 3/4L · R32

1s+2s+3s petronella turn & set, 3/4 turn RH & set (all on opposite sides)
1s+2s set & dance 1/2 RH across, 1s+3s set & dance 1/2 RH across
1s cast up 1 place & dance to top, cast to 2nd place opposite sides & set turning to face out
1s cast to right & cross up/down, cast to 2nd place own sides while 2s+3s change places RH on sides & set up/down then change back RH, all set

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