Dance Video The Lunar Society Reel (Video 1)

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The Lunar Society Reel (R32, Kenneth Reid: Platinum Dance Book 1946-2016 (Birmingham))
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Nicola Scott (April 26, 2017, 9:47 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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The Lunar Society Reel 3/4L · R32

2s Petronella turn & set, 2s Petronella & set to just outside side lines & set while 1s+3s Petronella & set
1s+2s+3s dance a Weasel Reel:
1s+3s dance part reel of 4 up/down middle but when reaching either end they dance clockwise to top/bottom to re-enter reel while 2s dance clockwise to replace the dancer leaving the reel & all end where they started
1s & 3s set and Petronella turn to opposite sides. 1L+2L reverse Set+Link while 1M+2M Set+Link. 2s face out.
2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on sides, 1L+3L pass RSh,1M+3M pass LSh each couple crossing up from 2nd place to 1st place on own side.

Note - (Weasel Reel - Men always reel down middle & dance up Men's side while Ladies always reel up middle & dance down Ladies' side)

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