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Person Laird Brown with The Scottish Accent 10204

Short name
Laird Brown
Current name
Scotch Mist
Areas of activity
  • Musician (or band)
Online Resources
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On the death of Bobby Brown on May 3rd, 2011, the band “Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent” changed its name to “Scotch Mist”, and the same day Stef Hutka joined it as fiddler. At the changeover, one CD, “Eight Bars of Magic”, was produced using the name “Laird Brown with the Scottish Accent”, but the band never used that name in any other context. Both bands were based in Toronto, Canada. When writing tunes, Laird uses the name “Laird J. Brown”.

Look at http://www.scotchmist.ca/ for more information.

Eight Bars of Magic Eight Bars of Magic Laird Brown with The Scottish Accent 2010
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