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Person Seonaid Lynn 10973

Areas of activity
  • Publisher of dance descriptions
  • Composer of tunes
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Information printed in the book “Winds of Change” (2018):

Seonaid Lynn was born in Edinburgh, learning piano and violin from an early age. Growing up in a home full of song and dance, her love of music, particularly traditional music, stemmed from what she heard around her. Moving to the Scottish Borders for work, Seonaid continued her interest in traditional music, focussing on singing. She performed regularly at Folk Clubs and events throughout Scotland and her love of singing continues. In 2010 she founded, and continues to run, an adult choir in Edinburgh. Choral conducting is a major interest and a skill she continues to develop.

Seonaid’s interest in playing for dancing grew after she moved back to Edinburgh and she attended her first RSCDS Summer School at St Andrews in 2007. She now plays fiddle for her local dance group and at the RSCDS St Andrews Summer School.

Borders Connection, The Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 2020
Wind of Change Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 2018
Winds of Change Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 2018