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Person Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 11999

Short name
Lynn & Johnston
Areas of activity
  • Publisher of dance descriptions
Note that this list only includes individuals who have their own database entries (as dance authors, publishers, tune composers or individual recording artists).

Seonaid Lynn and Roddy Johnston play regularly together for RSCDS dances and Ceilidhs. They have been fortunate enough to play for Clubs and dances across the UK, France and Canada. Both also enjoy dancing when the opportunity arises. (information printed in their book “Winds of Change”, 2018)

Furthermore, Seonaid and Roddy have published two booklets of tunes together, namely “Winds of Change” in 2018 and “The Border Connection” in September 2020.

For more information on the two, please see their SCDDB entries.

Borders Connection, The Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 2020
Wind of Change Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 2018
Winds of Change Seonaid Lynn & Roddy Johnston 2018