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Person Rik de Vroome 1445

1946 — 2022
Aalst-Waalre, Netherlands
Areas of activity
  • Deviser of dances
  • Publisher of dance descriptions
  • Composer of tunes

In June 2021 Rik published his final dance book “Dances for Friends Seven”.

Dances for Friends and Other People Rik de Vroome 1995
Dances for Friends Five Rik de Vroome 2006
Dances for Friends Four Rik de Vroome 0000
Dances for Friends Seven Rik de Vroome 2021
Dances for Friends Six Rik de Vroome 2011
Dances for Friends Three Rik de Vroome 0000
Dances for Friends Two Rik de Vroome 1996