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Person Frans Ligtmans 227

1932 — 2018
Nuenen, Netherlands
Areas of activity
  • Deviser of dances
  • Publisher of dance descriptions

Frans Ligtmans, was born 3 April 1932 in Zierikzee in the province of Zeeland of the Netherlands.

In 1977 she was among the founding member of The Thistle Club of Eindhoven.

Starting from just one set of 8 dances at its peak The Thistle Club had about 50 dancers. Frans gave lessons to beginners, advanced and children. She led Preliminary Teachers Courses on the continent, wrote dances and did the choreography and rehearsals for demonstrations.

Sadly, Frans’ health kept her from dancing in later life. She died on 16 January 2018.

There is an obituary at The Thistle Club webpage.

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