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Person Rob Sargent 2419

Areas of activity
  • Deviser of dances
  • Publisher of dance descriptions
2nd Tullich Collection 2nd Tullich Collection Rob Sargent 2015
Last New Ruthven Summer Collection, The The Last New Ruthven Summer Collection Rob Sargent 2009
New Ruthven Autumn Collection, The The New Ruthven Autumn Collection Rob Sargent 2005
New Ruthven Collection of SCD, The The New Ruthven Collection of SCD Rob Sargent 2004
New Ruthven »Winter« Hornpipe Collection, The The New Ruthven »Winter« Hornpipe Collection Rob Sargent 2006
Ruthven Collection, The The Ruthven Collection Rob Sargent 0000
Tullich Collection, The The Tullich Collection Rob Sargent 2012