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Person Mozart Allan 277

Areas of activity
  • Publisher of dance descriptions

This is not really a person but the name of a music publishing company.

Allan's Reels, Strathspeys and General Dance Music Mozart Allan 0000
Corstorphine Fair Mozart Allan 1963
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Scotland Mozart Allan 1967
Miss Jarvis's Reel Mozart Allan 1960
Morison Rant, The Mozart Allan 1963
Mrs Harrison's Rant Mozart Allan 1963
Mrs Hepburn Belches and Miss Murray, Lintrose Mozart Allan 1954
New Ashludie Rant, The Mozart Allan 1959
New Scotland Strathspey, The Mozart Allan 0000
Stirling Castle – A Strathspey Devised by Keith W. Dingley Mozart Allan 1961