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  • Publisher of dance descriptions
22 Social Dances by Roy Goldring with Music 22 Social Dances by Roy Goldring with Music Scotscores 2010
Allanton Collection, The The Allanton Collection Scotscores 1990
Allanton Companion Tunebook, The The Allanton Companion Tunebook Scotscores 0
Auld Friends Meet Auld Friends Meet Scotscores 2011
Blackadder Collection, The The Blackadder Collection Scotscores 2002
Blackadder Companion Tunebook, The The Blackadder Companion Tunebook Scotscores 0
Bonnie Gallowa' Bonnie Gallowa' Scotscores 1997
Dancing on Air Dancing on Air Scotscores 2011
Merse Collection, The The Merse Collection Scotscores 2002
Merse Companion Tunebook, The The Merse Companion Tunebook Scotscores 0
Score & More, A A Score & More Scotscores 1984
To Dance To, Volume 1 To Dance To, Volume 1 Scotscores 0
Two Score More Two Score More Scotscores 1987
Whiteadder Collection Whiteadder Collection Scotscores 1993
Whiteadder Companion Tunebook, The The Whiteadder Companion Tunebook Scotscores 0