Publication Bon Accord Book of Scottish Country Dances 201

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Short name
Bon Accord
Published by
John Drewry

The first printing only contains the first 20 dances.

In the 1968 printing, the dances "Jennifer's Jig", "The Quaich" and "Flying Spur" were added (dances 21 to 23).

Adrian Conrad adds: I think Extra Info for the Bon Accord Book entry is wrong in saying the last 3 dances (21-23) were added "In the 1968 edition". The 1968 edition WAS the original edition (which I have in front of me as I write), and it only contained the first 20 dances. I suspect that the extra dances nos. 21-23 were added later, probably by TAC for convenience when republishing the book quite a few years later, perhaps to avoid the immediate need also to reprint other John Drewry books that contained these dances originally (i.e. the Silver City, Rondel, and Canadian Books respectively). In particular, If I recall correctly, The Flying Spur (dance 23 in the reprinted book) may have first appeared on a loose sheet at some time in the early 1970s and then was printed in John Drewry's Canadian Book dated 1977. Its appearance in a reprinting of the Bon Accord book must have been well after that.